21 Feb 2020 [Fukuoka]Wasaburo ITOZONO Exhibition, February 29 (Sat) – March 22 (Sun), 2020
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Wasaburo Itozono: Born in Nakatsu, Oita in 1911 and died in Suginami-ku, Tokyo. Learned under Kanji Maeta. Used to be a member of Dokuritsu Art Association, Bijyutsu Bunka Art Association, Jiyu Art Association, and eventually became independent. Received Honorable Mention in Japan International Art Exhibition, Mr. K Award in Contemporary Art Exhibition of Japan, and more. Professor at Nihon University College of Art. Works collected in the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo/ the Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura & Hayama/ Oita Prefectural Art Museum, and more.
09 Feb 2020 [Fukuoka]Spring Masterpieces Exhibition , February 15 (Sat) – March 15 (Sun), 2020
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"Vue du village de Giverny" Claude Monet, 23.62 x 39.37in, Oil on canvas,1890

Spring Masterpieces Exhibition
February 15 (Sat) – March 15 (Sun), 2020

10am – 6pm
Open every day during the exhibition.

Setsubun has passed and we feel the coming of spring these days. We hold Spring Masterpieces Exhibition to feature specially selected artworks befitting the time to welcome the first Spring of Reiwa with you.
As the special display, Prairie, Cloudy Sky, an oil painting by Claude Monet, will be exhibited to be shown for the first time in Western Japan. This is a symbolic work depicting the idyllic rural landscape surrounding the house at Giverny where Monet moved to painted with the expression of unique atmosphere and texture of light. Moreover, we exhibit 30 and a few more artworks including those by artists who represent Japanese modern and contemporary artists.
We are waiting for your visit.

Yasuo KAZUKI / Toshiyuki HASEGAWA / Noriyuki USHIJIMA
26 Jan 2020 We will Participate in VOLTA NEW YORK 2020
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2020/3/4 14:00-16:00

2020/3/4/ 16:00-18:00

▍Public opening
2020/3/5-7 12:00-20:00
2020/3/8 12:00-17:00

Metropolitan West
(639 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036)
Booth #2.13 (2nd floor)

Mizoe Art Gallery is going to exhibit in VOLTA NY 2020 which has been held in New York since 2008. We will be exhibiting works by two Japanese artists.

First, Tamie OKUYAMA mainly paints clouds, the ocean and the sun. Her distinctive style comes from the viewpoint that they belong to the living organisms which have the same energy as humans, animals, and plants. Her eternal theme is “Life on the universe".
She paints the subjects with a faint light and soft brush strokes. The canvas is filled with a sense of vitality and a mysterious atmosphere, which reflects her sight with compassion for nature.

Kenpei YUNDE believes that all the things in this world are born from the soil and exist on it. No matter what he paints, he starts from putting the color of soil on canvas. After the first layer, he repeats the process of glazing and scraping more than 50 layers to create a thick and sculpture-like or ceramic-like texture. In most cases, he spends one whole year to complete, even if it is the smallest kind of painting. In his words, he paints as if he feeds a crop; starts from cultivating the soil, and spreading seed, giving water, putting the layers of the four seasons, and after one year he finally harvests. Every work he paints has its own one year’s process to grow.

The works of two people whose aesthetic sense unique to the Japanese pulsates.We look forward to your visit at booth # 2.13 of "VOLTA NEW YORK 2020".

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