09 May 2017 [Tokyo]The 5th anniversary of the opening: PICASSO, his Work and Life.  May 20 (Sat) – June 25 (Sun), 2017
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"Tête d'homme" was featured on Nichiyo-Bijutsukan (Nichibi) !
"Tête d'homme" by Pablo Picasso was featured on TV program Nichiyo-Bijutsukan "Picasso X Takeshi Kitano" by NHK. This piece that Mr. Takeshi Kitano highly praised will be on view.

   It has been 5 years since Mizoe Art Gallery opened in Denenchofu. We would like to express our deepest gratitude for your patronage and support.
   In this exhibition commemorating the 5th anniversary of the opening in
Denenchofu, you will see both Picasso’s work and life. Two original oil paintings by Picasso: “Nature Morte” which was completed one day before the Bombing of Guernica, and “Tête d'homme” which was painted one year before Picasso died, but also, a series of photographs of the painter’s daily life and nature taken by Roberto Otero, who was Picasso’s friend and almost like a family member, will be on view.
   We look forward to seeing you at our gallery.   – Mizoe Art Gallery

Roberto Otero (1931-2004)
Argentinian photographer, journalist, writer and documentary filmmaker.

17 Apr 2017 [Fukuoka]Yasunobu TSUTSUMI Solo Exhibition May 13 (Sat.) – May 28 (Sun.)
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Swimming birds and flying fish…what I paint is the topsy-turvy world where the reality is reversed. When you look at those painted world and the real world together, the differences of things stand out, and you would realize that the things you had taken for granted still had so much for you to think about.
At the same time, the subject matters are depicted metaphorically for human; just like there are joy, anger, grief, pleasure, happiness and unhappiness in life, there also exists a time in the past and the future in my work.
A swimming bird is a symbol of the topsy-turvy, and I paint it as a human’s unconsciousness. I feel that the direction that the unconsciousness gazes keeps changing as the consciousness changes. Its roots, I think, are the state where people try to avoid unhappiness and constantly seek happiness.
A swimming bird unconsciously gazes at what a swimming bird seeks. (Yasunobu Tsutsumi)

[Bio] 1983 Born in Kumamoto. Lives in Fukuoka. 2008 M.F.A. from Kyushu Sangyo University. 2009 the Exhibition of “A” (Tagawa Museum of Art, again in 2012). 2012 Selected for the 2nd Art Awards Next Ⅱ. 2013 Grand Prix Award at the 1st Sompo Japan Art Award Exhibition FACE 2013.
Solo shows: Murakoshi Gallery (Tokyo, 2016), Gallery Kaze (Fukuoka, 2009, 2011)
Collection: Kyushu Sangyo University, Seiji Togo Memorial Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Museum of Art, Oki Gakuen Senior High School

10 Apr 2017 [Tokyo]Takahide KOMATSU Solo Exhibition [Satoyama] April 15 (Sat.) – April 30 (Sun.), 2017
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We invite you to the solo exhibition at our Denenchofu gallery by Takahide Komatsu, who was well received at Art Fair Tokyo 2017.
The artist has realized his initial goal: from Kyushu to the World, and has been depicting biodiversity as his consistent theme.
1979 Born in Nobeoka City, Miyazaki. Graduated from Artist Course, Kyusyu Designer Gakuin, Fukuoka.
The artist has started in his 20s holding his solo shows and participating in art fairs in 8 different countries including London, New York, Hong Kong, and Singapore. He works on the theme of the change in ecosystem around us.
2010 Artwork featured in and collected by COP10 (Conference of the Parties)
2016 Asahikasei | "The Ruins of Nobeoka Castle with Butterflies" collected in new building of Nobeoka City Office.
Selected for “Takumi” in LEXUS NEW TAKUMI PROJECT 2016
Collaborative work with Sumitomo Forestry "Floor Art" Art Project

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