26 Nov 2023 [Tokyo] In Memoriam Gyoji Nomiyama exhibition - December 9th(Sat) – December 24th (Sun), 2023 -
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《Untitled》 46.06 x 35.82in Oil on canvas 2023

In Memoriam Gyoji Nomiyama exhibition
December 9th(Sat) – December 24th (Sun), 2023

10:00am-6:00pm (Open every day during the event)

On the morning of June 22, Mr. Gyoji Nomiyama passed away at the age of 102. To express our sincerest condolences as well as appreciation, we will be holding a memorial exhibition. Exhibited works will range from his early works to those created in his final years. We hope this will offer you a glimpse into the life of Gyoji Nomiyama, who remained a painter until the very end.
Kazunobu Abe, Mizoe Art Gallery

Gallery Talk Event: "Gyoji Nomiyama through my eyes”
Date & Time: December 9th, 15:00-
Daisuke Miyatsu (Art collector, Professor at Yokohama University of Art and Design)
*Reservations required

“A Gathering to discuss our Memories of Gyoji Nomiyama"
Date & Time: December 17th, 15:00-
On Gyoji Nomiyama's birthday, why not come share the memories you have of him?
24 Nov 2023 [Fukuoka]CHRISTMAS FAIR December 2nd (Sat) – December 25th(Mon), 2023
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Pablo PICASSO 《La Corrida 》 ed.104/200 1956 Colour aquatint 19.09×25.78 in
2,500,000円(JPY: Tax Inc)

Date: December 2nd (Sat) – December 25th(Mon), 2023

Opening hours:10:00-18:00 (open everyday during the fair period)

We will hold the "Christmas Art Fair", continuing from last year with gratitude to our customers who have always patronized us. We will exhibit at a special price from our collection, ranging from domestic artists to overseas masters,
We will recommend you to find your favorite high-quality art works as a Christmas gift for your loved one or reward yourself.

Exhibiting artists
Morikazu KUMAGAI / Ryohei KOISO / Genichiro INOKUMA /
Noriyuki USHIJIMA / Yukio KODAMA / Katsuzo SATOMI /
Seiji CHOKAI / Chozaburo INOUE / Jiro OYAMADA / Ryonosuke FUKUI /
Wasaburo ITOZONO / Eiichiro MATSUMOTO / Ryo HIRANO / Ei-KYU /
Takeo YAMAGUCHI / Kokuta SUDA / Zenzo SAKAMOTO /
Yuki OGURA/ Shoen UEMURA / Shinsui ITO /
Pablo PICASSO / Georges Braque / Raoul DUFY / Georges ROUAULT /
Antoni CLAVE / Ben SHAHN / Claude WEISBUCH and others.

Morikazu KUMAGAI《Fish》Book bound in paper and ink
11.81×9.17in Hanging scroll
500,000円(JPY: Tax Inc)

Seiji CHOKAI 《 HANIWA (Dancing Man)》Oil on canvas 17.91×14.92in
500,000円(JPY: Tax Inc)

Yukio KODAMA《 Street corner in Paris 》Oil on canvas 8.93cm×6.22in
300,000円(JPY: Tax Inc)

Genichiro INOKUMA
《Satellites and motorcyclesArt Book "Planetary Communication 88" 》
Lithograph ed.49/88 1989 32.28 x 24.01in
100,000円(JPY: Tax Inc)

Raoul DUFY《Cubism Landscape》 
Pencil and paper around 1909 13.34×10.47in 
350,000円(JPY: Tax Inc)

Special Benefits!
Christmas gift for customers who purchase during the exhibition!
Exchange ticket for one free drink of hot wine and a mug at Fukuoka Christmas Market
24 Oct 2023 [Fukuoka]Tamie OKUYAMA Exhibition November 11th (Sat) - 26th (Sun), 2023
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《Pink Sky》Oil on canvas 18.08 x 14.10 in 2023

Tamie OKUYAMA Exhibition
November 11th (Sat) - November 26th (Sun), 2023

Business Hours: 10:00am-6:00pm (Open every day during the event)
1-2-5 Jigyohama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City

Talk Event
Date & Time: November 11th (Sat) , 16:00 ~
*Reservations required in advance
*The event will be followed by a small reception.

Tamie Okuyama has been depicting the mysteries of nature and life using motifs of the sun, clouds, sea, and mountains. In this exhibition, flowers appear on the canvas for the first time in a while. Flowers interact with insects and change their form depending its type. Okuyama is fascinated by the still-unresolved mysteries of the evolution and ecology of flowers. Okuyama, who believes that everything spanning from microorganisms to the stars of the universe, including humans, are all part of a single cosmic continuum of life, extends his imagination to the world beyond our galaxy. The blooming flowers in his new work "Pink Sky" form a landscape full of life on a planet yet to be seen. This is the first solo exhibition of Okuyama's work held in Japan in four years. Please enjoy the world of works created from the eyes of Tamie Okuyama.
Mizoe Art Gallery, Kazunobu Abe

1969 Graduated with a Fine Arts Degree from Tokyo University of the Arts.
1992 Received 35th Yasui Award.
2005 Became a professor of Onomichi University, Hiroshima.
2010 Received the 31st Hiroshima Culture Prize.
2012 Retired from Onomichi University.
Currently an honorary professor at Onomichi University and resides in Tokyo
Her works are included in the collections of The Museum of Modern Art Saitama, Yokohama Museum of Art, Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Ishii Collection of Tsukuba University, and others.

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