06 Oct 2020 News of opening the new annex from Saturday October 17th 2020〈Exhibition commemorating Open after renovation〉
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〈Exhibition commemorating Open after renovation〉
New annex “Collection Exhibition” Saturday October 17th - Monday November 23th
Main building “Selection Exhibition” Saturday October 17th - Sunday November 1st

Rey Camoy / Genichiro INOKUMA

※The display may change during exhibition.
※The exhibited works may be altered.

It has been 12 years since our gallery was opened at the current place in 2008. We are profoundly grateful for your patronage and support.
This time, we opened a new gallery next to the current gallery to expand the scale. We will work harder for holding more fascinating exhibitions, discovering talented artists, and introducing various artworks in the two different spaces.
In the exhibition commemorating the opening, we introduce artworks reflecting two policies of our activity. The first is “Collection”. We collect great works around the world to make a place in which people seeking art can meet works at any time. The other is “Selection”. Finding great artists is essential for growth of a gallery. We exhibit the works of the artists whom we selected, and whom we are walking together with.
The thing we cherish in handling art is that they are “things that remain through ages”. We offer universal values which does not depend on fashion and market, and which move people in any generation. (Mizoe Art Gallery, Kazunobu Abe)

“SELECTIONE” exhibiting Artists:
Keiichi INOUE, Takeshi WEI,Fumihiro OGA, Tamie OKUYAMA, Masahito KATAYAMA, Shin KAMIKAWA, KIM MYUNG SIK, Isamu KOSJIMA, Keisei KOBAYASHI, Takahide KOMATSU, Nami SHIBATA, Satoru JOGASAKI, Mitsuko TABE, Kota NAKAMURA, Satoru MINAMI, Kikuma MOCHIZUKI, Takashi YATOJI, Kenpei YUNDE

The new annex of Mizoe Art Gallery opens as a new landmark!

A relaxing space of art in the city of Fukuoka.
The new annex of Mizoe Art Gallery opens as a new landmark!
The new annex is a space with a sense of liberation thanks to the atrium of 5m ceiling height. In the building, we can feel the scent and warmth of trees that is the basis of Mizoe Group. It enables our exhibitions to bring the best out of artworks that vary from traditional art to contemporary art. Our concept since opening the business, the space composition is inherited, in which garden and architecture are blended. The modern design with the appearance of the facade with plenty of cedar and Japanese taste of the atrium using pine tree beams will be a new landmark in the city. Mizoe Art Gallery will keep on contributing to Fukuoka with art.
28 Sep 2020 [Fukuoka] Temporary closure of Fukuoka branch Sept. 29th - Oct. 1st
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We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, but due to the renewal work, the following period will be closed. Thank you for your understanding.

September 29th (Tue) -October 1st (Thu)
17 Sep 2020 [Fukuoka] -ambivalence- Kota NAKAMURA exhibition Nov. 7(Sat) - 23(Mon), 2020
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ambivalence: Kota NAKAMURA exhibition
Nov. 7th(Sat) - 23th(Mon), 2020

*The artist will be present at the gallery on 7,8,21,22,23 November, 2020.

Ambivalence - this exhibition title implies the world expressed in Kota Nakamura's artworks. Beauty and ugliness, life and death, for example.
That was what caused the frisson when I saw his work for the first time. The beauty of a moment when a bullet pierces matter. A transient and also beautiful shape drawn by time and trajectory that should be an action of taking a life away. A contradiction that it is made by the gentle-mannered and calm person.
His history is also interesting as he has a grandfather who is a Western-style painter, Takuji Nakamura, and he learned contemporary art in New York in early time where he experienced the simultaneous terrorist attack.
I want to know more deeply about this artist, I want to see what kind of works and exhibition space he creates. Such thoughts urged me to this solo exhibition.
This is his first solo exhibition in Fukuoka. Please look forward to it.(Kazunobu Abe : MIZOE ART GALLERY)

Born in Kamakura city, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan in 1975
Graduated from Syracuse University, Syracuse,NY in 1999. Completed MFA, School of Visual Arts, New York,NY in 2003, and Ph.D, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo in 2010.
Accepted for the Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art of Toro Okamoto Memorial Museum in 2015.
Bronze prize winning of Tokyo Art Olympia in 2017, and exhibited Asian Art Biennale, Bangladesh in 2018.
Many exhibitions in New York and abroad, present based in Tokyo.

in 2019 / bullet, glass, and film / 18 x 18 x 0.4in each

The blue greenish cold color of cracks and the film of hot color are coexisted. The form the glass barely is hold by the film but it is breaking. In here, aesthetics and the violent feelings are mixed. It is like ourselves who are standing on the border.

The gallery is open as usual during the exhibition. In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection, we regularly ventilate inside of the gallery. In addition, visitors are in order to follow the rules below to come in.

1. Wear a face mask, disinfect fingers
2. Write your name, address, etc. to the name book

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

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