16 Sep 2019 [Tokyo]Masahito Katayama Exhibition "Membrane/ the Heavenly Flowers" September 21th (Sat) – October 6th (Sun), 2019
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Masahito Katayama Exhibition "Membrane/ the Heavenly Flowers"
September 21th (Sat) – October 6th (Sun), 2019

10:00am – 6:00pm (Open every day during the event)

The artworks by Masahito Katayama evoke feeling that not only visual information but also the sixth sense is stimulated beyond the five senses. The painted image can be recognized either as figurative or abstract. . In addition to such
works, there are also a series of flowers inspired by a painting on the ceiling of a temple. The exhibition space surrounded by the artworks makes me feel as if I came down on the heavenly paradise. From "botanical figuration" to "wind", "membrane", and "spiral", his style has transformed with the constant pursuit of new expression.
Please look forward to the new world he shows in this exhibition.

Masahito KATAYAMA / 1984 Graduated from Graduate school of Kyoto Municipal University of Arts/ '88 Stayed in U.S.A invited by Asian Cultural Council (~'89) /‘95 Stayed in U.K. as a trainee of Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists (~'96)/ 2004 "Artist in Fukuoka vol.5 KATAYAMA Masahito: Membrane 2004 –Into the Forest of Perception" (Fukuoka Art Museum) / '07 Exhibited at The 3rd Changdu

26 Aug 2019 [Fukuoka] Takahide KOMATSU Exhibition -SATOYAMA- September 14th(Sat) – 29 (Sun), 2019
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Takahide KOMATSU Exhibition -SATOYAMA-
September 14th (Sat) – 29th (Sun), 2019

Takahide KOMATSU expand the area of his activity from Miyazaki to the world mainly in Asia. His work is famous for elegant world in which butterflies are hovering that evokes Rinpa school painting. However, what KOMATSU shows in this exhibition is abstract artworks that is challenge for the artist. When you face his paintings well, you will find the nature of Miyazaki and the landscape of countryside are expressed in them that KOMATSU has been dealt with as his theme. You will enjoy seeing them.

Takahide KOMATSU/ Born in 1979. Born and living in Miyazaki Prefecture. Graduated from Artist Course in Kyushu Designer Gakuin College. Permanent collection in The Anniversary Museum of The United Nations, COP10. In 2016, he was selected as "Takumi" representing Miyazaki at LEXUS NEW TAKUMI PROJECT. His works have been exhibited a lot in art fairs and solo exhibitions both inside and outside Japan. He puts "From Kyushu to the World" into practice with a theme of biological diversity.
General Producer of National Cultural Festival ・Arts Festival Miyazaki Nichinan City 2020, the sightseeing ambassador of Nobeoka City.

09 Aug 2019 We will participate ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA 2019
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[Venue & Date]
Hotel Okura Fukuoka 9th Floor
→6th(Fri)-8th(Sun) Sept.

→5th(Thu)-8th(Sun) Sept.

1DAY TICKET  ¥1,500
FREE PASS ¥3,000

Ticket Pia [Pコード] 769-861

◆Hotel Okura Fukuoka 9th floor
〒812-0027 Hakata Riverain 3-2 Shimokawabata-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka
Phone: 092-262-1111
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By Rail
10 minutes from Fukuoka International Airport,
directly connected to Nakasu-Kawabata station on the Fukuoka City subway Kuko Line.
5 minutes from JR Hakata station,
directly connected to Nakasu-Kawabata station on the Fukuoka City subway Kuko Line

〒810-8544 2-1-1, Fukuoka Mitsukoshi 9th floor Tenjin, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka-shi
Phone: 092-724-3111
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Take the West Rail Tianmu Omuta line
Alight at "Nishitetsu Tenjin Station" and walk about 5 minutes
Take the express bus
Alight at Tenjin Bus Center and walk for about 5 minutes
Take the Fukuoka municipal subway Airport Line
Alight at Tenjin Station and walk for about 5 minutes. Alight at Tenjin Station and walk about 5 minutes.
JR Hakata Station
Underground Airport Line: "Hakata Station" → Alight at Tenjin Station and walk for about 5 minutes.
West Rail Bus: "Hakata Station A" "Tenjin Bus Center" (100 yen each)
Fukuoka Airport
Underground Airport Line: "Fukuoka Airport Station" → Alight at "Tenjin Station" (about 11 minutes) and walk for about 5 minutes




Exhibiting Artists
Takahide KOMATSU/Kenpei YUNDE/Nami SHIBATA/Fumihiro OGA/Takashi YATOUJI

Takahide KOMATSU "Rising Eel" Acrylic,metallic leaf on canvas. 17.91 x 14.92 inch, 2019
Kenpei YUNDE "Blue Apple Tree" Oil on canvas. 16.14 x 16.14 inch
Fumihiro OGA "Hibernation" Absorbant,aqyla,oil pastel on canvas. 20.86 x 20.86 inch, 2018

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