12 Oct 2021 [Fukuoka]Keiichi INOUE Exhibition Nov.13(Sat)- 28(Sun), 2021
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"Floating object"145.5x112cm 57.28x44.09in Oil on canvas/ "Human being" 72.7x60.6cm 28.62x23.85in Oil on canvas

Keiichi INOUE Exhibition
Nov.13(Sat)- 28(Sun), 2021

10am-6pm (Open every day during the event)

A difficult time that is like a nightmare
Is that a tragedy because people knew to dream?
Here is a strange painter who makes a painting during such a situation
<A painter’s self-talk during stay-at-home order>

We have known each other since 13 years ago when Mizoe Art Gallery opened. Are these people represent himself inside Mr.Inoue? I really look forward to seeing what kind of faces are painted this time.
(Kazunobu Abe, Mizoe Art Gallery)

Keiichi INOUE/
1995 Won Excellence award at "2nd Beppu Contemporary Painting Exhibition"
Grand prize at "4th AOKI Shigeru Memorial Grand Prize Exhibition",Second prize at "4th biennale of Art Exhibition of Wind Makurazaki"
'96, '97 Prized at "28th Yasui Prize Exhibition"
1998 Contemporary Japanese Art Exhibition Award Candidate, Won "5th Fukuoka Cultural Awards"
2020 Held a special exhibition "Existence Thinking" at the Tagawa Museum of Art

10 Oct 2021 [Tokyo] -ambivalence- Kota NAKAMURA exhibition Nov. 6(Sat) - 23(Mon), 2021
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ambivalence: Kota NAKAMURA exhibition
Nov. 6th(Sat) - 23th(Tue), 2021

*The artist will be present at the gallery on 6,7,13,14,22,23 November, 2021.
*Talking event from 3pm on 6,7 November, 2021.

Ambivalence - this exhibition title implies the world expressed in Kota Nakamura's artworks. Beauty and ugliness, life and death, for example.
That was what caused the frisson when I saw his work for the first time. The beauty of a moment when a bullet pierces matter. A transient and also beautiful shape drawn by time and trajectory that should be an action of taking a life away. A contradiction that it is made by the gentle-mannered and calm person.
His history is also interesting as he has a grandfather who is a Western-style painter, Takuji Nakamura, and he learned contemporary art in New York in the early time where he experienced the simultaneous terrorist attack.

The feeling that I want to know this artist more deeply, want to see what kind of works and exhibition space he creates let me ask him to hold a solo exhibition.
Last autumn, his exhibition in Fukuoka overwhelmingly surpassed expectations.
His exhibition must amaze us again at the mansion of Denenchofu as a stage. Please look forward to it. (Kazunobu ABE, Mizoe Art Gallery)

Born in Kamakura city, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan in 1975
Graduated from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY in 1999. Completed MFA, School of Visual Arts, New York, NY in 2003, and received Ph.D from Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo in 2010.
Selected finalist for the Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art of Toro Okamoto Memorial Museum, Tokyo in 2015.
Won the Bronze prize in Tokyo Art Olympia in 2017, and exhibited Asian Art Biennale, Bangladesh in 2018.
Many exhibitions held in New York and abroad, currently based in Tokyo.

in 2019 / bullet, glass, and film / 18 x 18 x 0.4in each

The gallery is open as usual during the exhibition. In order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 infection, we regularly ventilate inside of the gallery. In addition, visitors are in order to follow the rules below to come in.

1. Wear a face mask, disinfect fingers
2. Write your name, address, etc. to the name book

Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

07 Oct 2021 We will remotely participate in ART TAIPEI 2021
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▍SVIP Preview
2021/10/21 (Thu) 12:00-21:00

▍VIP Preview
2021/10/21 (Thu) 15:00-21:00
2021/10/22 (Fri) 11:00-14:00

▍Public opening
2021/10/22 (Fri) 14:00-19:00
2021/10/23 (Sat) 11:00-19:00
2021/10/24 (Sun) 11:00-19:00
2021/10/25 (Mon) 11:00-18:00

▍Exhibiting Artists
Takahide KOMATSU

Taipei World Trade Center Hall One
(No.5, Section 5, Xinyi Road)

Booth No.V03

Mizoe Art Gallery will exhibit remotely at "Art Taipei 2021".
This time, which will be the 6th exhibition, we will introduce two artists who are attracting attention by expressing the aesthetic sense peculiar to Japan. The first is Kenpei YUNDE, who delves into the culture rooted in Asia and draws it with his own technique as if he were plowing a canvas. The second is Takahide KOMATSU, who depicts the world of elegant butterflies and small animals that live quietly in "satoyama" with the theme of ecosystems. His works will be the first exhibition at ART TAIPEI.

This time it is a remote exhibition, and unfortunately the staff of Mizoe Art Gallery is not at the venue. When you come to the venue, please take your time to appreciate the exhibition woven by the two contemporary artists at booth No. V03.

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