22 Jun 2024 [Fukuoka] Toho Shiotsuki and Chihei Nakamura Exhibition July 13th (Sat) - July 28th (Sun), 2024
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Concurrent Exhibition Toho Shiotsuki and Chihei Nakamura Exhibition
July 13th (Sat) - July 28th (Sun), 2024
Open every day during the exhibition period, 10am-6pm
Venue: Mizoe Art Gallery, Fukuoka, Main building

This exhibition will feature the rare works of Toho Shiotsuki, a painter who moved to Taiwan about 100 years ago, and related materials about his pupal and novelist, Chihei Nakamura.

Chihei Nakamura 1908-1963
A novelist born in Miyazaki City. Entered Taipei High School in Taiwan during the Japanese occupation. Studied under Toho Shiotsuki. While at Tokyo Imperial University, he met Osamu Dazai and made his debut in the literary world studying under Masuji Ibuse. He published many novels set in Taiwan, including “Kiri no Bansha (The Mist-enshrouded Barbarian)”, “Bankai no Onna (The Woman of the Bansai Realm)" as well as many other works. Referred to as “Dazai of the North, Chihei of the South”, he became a prominent writer of southern literature. However, he was drafted to Singapore as a military writer and it was there that he encountered an incident. After the war, why did Nakamura turn his focus away from southern literature and return to his hometown to devote his life to the postwar reconstruction of Miyazaki and the creation of a regional revitalization?

Toho Shiotsuki "The Sea", oil on canvas, 15.8×22.7cm

Documentary Film "Chihei Nakamura”
-In turbulent times, longing for and feeling conflicted about the South-

Venue: Mizoe Art Gallery, Main building
Date:July 13th (Sat) from 4:30pm / July 18th (Thu) from 2:00pm / July 27th (Sat) from 2:00pm
Free entry, approx. 80 min.
Reception starts 30 minutes prior to the screening.
Reservations required by phone: 092-738-5655

Written and directed by Takahide Komatsu
Official Film Website

16 Jun 2024 [Fukuoka] Takahide KOMATSU Exhibition July 13th (Sat) - July 28th (Sun), 2024
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“Insects Dancing in the Night” ,116.7×72.7cm

Takahide Komatsu Solo Exhibition "Dancing Waters of the Satoyama"
July 13th (Sat) - July 28th (Sun), 2024
Open every day during the exhibition period, 10am-6pm
Venue: Mizoe Art Gallery, Fukuoka, annex building

Colorful insects dancing against the backdrop of glimmering Rimpa school paintings. Small animals living quietly in the grass and by the water. Fish peacefully swimming in clear streams. Small forces of life swarming, guided by the night light. In depicting the microcosm found in the familiar satoyama of southern Kyushu, Takahide Komatsu creates works that focus on changing ecosystems and the symbiosis between humans and nature.
At the same time, he creates documentary films in order to shed light on the great people from his hometown of Miyazaki. Following his previous work “Toho Shiotsuki”, his most recent documentary film "Chihei Nakamura” skillfully depicts the life of a literary figure who was at the mercy of the times. What is it that drives Takahide Komatsu? Hopefully this exhibition will give you a sense that, whether it be painting or filmmaking, the underlying principles and motivations are the same. We hope you look forward to it. (Kazunobu Abe, Mizoe Art Gallery)

Takahide Komatsu
Artist born in Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture in 1979. 
Graduated from Kyushu Designer Gakuin in Fukuoka City.
He has exhibited his works in solo shows and art fairs in 10 countries, including London, Hong Kong, Switzerland, and Taiwan.
He has done collaborations with companies, and his works are collected in UN facilities as well as many companies overseas.
In recent years, he has written and directed documentaries on "Toho Shiotsuki" and "Chihei Nakamura". He is the main producer of Obi DENKEN WEEK and a Tourism Ambassador for Nobeoka City.

“Dancing Butterflies in Bamboo Grove" 162×130.3cm
09 Jun 2024 We will exhibit at ULSAN INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR 2024!
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June 13th (Thu) - June 16th (Sun) 2024

❚ Date & Opening Hours
June 13th (Thu) 15:00 - 20:00

June 14th (Fri) 11:00 - 19:00
June 15th (Sat) 11:00 - 19:00
June 16th (Sun) 11:00 - 17:00

❚ Venue
UECO | Ulsan Exhibition & Convention Center
255 Ulsanyeok-ro, Samnam-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan

❚ Ticket and other details

❚ Booth

❚Exhibiting artist from MIZOE ART GALLERY
Kim Myung Sik

《 East side-DE09 》Oil on canvas 13.14×8.34in 2024

《 East Side20-R10 》Oil on canvas 15.74×15.74in 2024

《 East Side19-Love and Peace3 》Acrylic, wood 7.87×31.49×13.38in 2019

《 East Side-FE1 》Oil on canvas 45.94×35.82in 2024

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