05 Apr 2019 [Tokyo] Exhibition of Modern Japanese Masterpieces – April 20 (Sat) ― May 19 (Sun), 2019
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Hanjiro SAKAMOTO,White Horse. in 1945,Oil on canvas. 16.14x12.99in

Exhibition of Modern Japanese Masterpieces
April 20 (Sat) – May 19 (Sun), 2019

10am – 6pm
Open every day during the exhibition.

"Artworks that are treasured over the ages to everyone"
True masterpieces continue fascinating people even though the times and trends have changed. Mizoe Art Gallery collect artworks hoping to show such artworks to the visitors.
In this exhibition, we would like you to see a number of masterpieces by Japanese world-class artists among the collection.We are waiting for your visits.
Mizoe Art Gallery, Kazunobu Abe

┃Exhibiting Artists
Feature: Morikazu Kumagai and Rei Kamoi

Others:Hanjiro SAKAMOTO, Cyu ASAI, Ryuzaburo UMEBARA, Kazumasa NAKAGAWA, Zenzaburo KOJIMA, Takeshi HAYASHI, Takuji NAKAMURA, Hideo Benjamin NODA, Genichiro INOKUMA, Kokuta SUDA, Wasaburo ITOZONO, Ryounosuke FUKUI, Ryo HIRANO, Hiroki ODA, Chimei HAMADA, Fumiko HORI and so on.

Morikazu KUMAGAI, Nudo. Oil on canvas. 8.93 x 6.22in / Rei KAMOI, Indio lady. Oil on canvas. 9.13 X 20.86in

Toshiyuki HASEKAWA, Brewery. Oil on canvas. 17.91 x 20.86in
25 Mar 2019 [Fukuoka] Masterpieces of MIZOE ART GALLERY Collection – April 13 (Sat) ― May 12 (Sun), 2019
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Claude MONET(1840-1926) "Vue du village de Giverny“ oil on canvas 26x32.1 in 1886

Masterpieces of MIZOE ART GALLERY Collection
April 13 (Sat) ― May 12 (Sun), 2019

10am – 6pm *open every day during the exhibition

We will hold an exhibition presenting our collections of masterpieces by the great masters of Western art.
Some of art works which are newly added to the collection will be exhibited and it is the first time to be seen in Kyushu area.
We look forward to welcoming every guest of the gallery.

Marc CHAGALL(1887-1985) ”La Bastille, etide" oil on paper, gouache 20.1 x 25.9 in 1954
Wassily KANDINSKY (1866-1944) "Ligne Volontaire" gouache on paper 18.9×13.6 in 1936
14 Mar 2019 [Tokyo] Shin KAMIKAWA Exhibition; Shapes and Essays
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Shin KAMIKAWA,Sensitiveness
Acrylic,Oil on canvas. 63.77x63.77 in

Shin KAMIKAWA Exhibition; Shapes and Essays

March 16 (Sat) - 31(Sat),2019
Hours: 10am – 6pm (open every day during the exhibition)

There are always "words" on the basis of the artwork of Shin Kamikawa. He habitually takes notes of "words" that popped into his head. He makes the "shapes" based on those "words" that become the titles of his works. Similarly, the process of making "shapes" is more like creating three dimensional works than making paintings. He paints imaginary structure on a soil-colored canvas in a similar way to constructing immense architecture on the ground. In the process underlie a concept of visualizing the structure of the society that he feels as he lives.
Enjoy the overwhelmingly powerful world of Shin KAMIKAWA including "THE WALL" series which was created through reconsideration of his hometown. It is the first exhibition in Tokyo in the last three years.

Shin KAMIKAWA/ 1958 Born in Nogata-shi, Fukuoka/83 Graduated from Oil Painting course at Musashino Art University/84 Grand Prize at Young Art Award Exhibition Kyushu/95 Grand Prize at Tanio Museum Award Exhibition/96 Merit Award at Aoki Shigeru Memorial Award Exhibition/97 Honorable Mention at Yasui Award Exhibiton/11 Solo exhibition at Kitakyushu Municipal Museum of Art/18 Solo exhibition at Nogata Tanio Art Museum

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