30 Dec 2017 [Fukuoka]New Year’s Masterpieces Exhibition ~Japan Modern and Contemporary Paintings Featured~ 2018, January 20[Sat]-February 4[Sun]
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Setsuko Migishi
[Flower (in South France Cagnes)]
1977, Oil on canvas, 16.1x13 in

We wish you the joy of the New Year respectfully!
Mizoe Art Gallery was opened in June of 2008 in Fukuoka, and we are going to celebrate the 10th anniversary this year. It is entirely thanks to everybody’s support and patronage from the bottom of our hearts.
As the first planned exhibition of 2018, we would like to invite you to enjoy the great art works from not only deceased masters of Japan modern art history, but also the masters of Japan contemporary art. We wish you to enjoy the excellent art works while the new years’ time.
Look forward to seeing you in our art gallery.
New Year’s Day 2018
09 Dec 2017 [Fukuoka]Christmas Art Fair December 9th(Sat)~25th(Mon), 2017
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Paul Augustin Aïzpiri, [Landscape] Oil France/P10 (550x380mm)

Hiroki ODA [Girl] Oil F5 (350x273mm)

Nanpu KATAYAMA [Red carp] Mineral pigments on paper F8 (379x455mm)

Kazumasa NAKAGAWA [Rain a lot in June] Ink・Color 273x336mm

Wasaku KOBAYASHI [Kishu’s ocean] Oil F4 (243x334mm)

Ryohei KOISO [Women] Copper plate 115x105mm

With our deepest gratitude of the year, Mizoe Art Gallery is going to present some qualitied art works at a special price. It will be good choices as Christmas’ and New Year’s presents.
Why don’t you just come into our gallery and enjoy the moment with us?

[Main Artists]
Ryuzaburo UMEHARA/Morikazu KUMAGAI/Gentaro KOITO/Zenzaburo KOJIMA/Zentarou KOJIMA/Mango KOBAYASI/Hanjiro SAKAMOTO/Hirosuke TASAKI/Ken’ichi NAKAMURA/Takuji NAKAMURA/Sotaro YASUI/Matazo KAYAMA/Heihachiro FUKUDA/Wasaburo ITOZONO/Gen’ichiro INOKUMA/Shosuke OSAWA/Jin OSAKABE/Hiroki ODA/Zenzo SAKAMOTO/Tatsuoki NAMBATA/Ryo HIRANO/Ryunosuke FUKUI/Yoshika FUJITA/Shigeru MORITA/Kiyoshi YAMASHITA/Ay-O/Hiroshi OKUTANI/Churyo SATO/Gyoji NOMIYAMA/Shin MIYAZAKI/Bernard Buffet/Andre Brasilier/Ben Shahn, and more.

*Artists are subject to change.
02 Nov 2017 [Fukuoka]Yoko MITSUYUKI Exhibition「Reproduce」Friday, November 3 – Sunday, November 19, 2017
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[Sunshine―A] F100 Oil・Acrylic 2017

○Openning Reception starts at 5pm on Friday, November 3.
When we talk about Ms. Yoko MITSUYUKI, what immediately comes to our mind is the series of [BLUE]. She worked on abstract paintings with a sense of coolness, which imaged the water of her birthplace YANAGAWA for a long term. This time, the image was renewed and colorful new paintings will be exhibited in our gallery. Just as she named the exhibition as[Reproduce], we can find an enthusiasm to take another new step as a painter from Ms. Yoko MITSUYUKI. Actually, she celebrated the 50th anniversary of her painting career last year, then retired from Kyushu Sangyo University this year, and also quit the part of guidance for backwards to make a new life of her creating road. It is admirable of her attitude that she continues to challenge new expressions instead of complying with the prosperous achievements. Please enjoy the new world of Yoko MITSUYUKI, born from extraordinary sense of color and expression.
Mizoe Art Gallery

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