07 Oct 2017 [Tokyo]Tomonori TOYOFUKU Exhibition October 7th(Sat) ― 22nd (Sun), 2017
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Mizoe Art Gallery will hold a solo exhibition by Tomonori TOYOFUKU, who
used to have an atelier in Milan for over 40 years and has gained a lot of international recognition after exhibiting in Venice Biennale in 1960.
The works with sophisticated and dignity form, show the power and artist’s inner world lively. As the symbol of Tomonori TOYOFUKU’s works, the light crosses the elliptical hole rhythmically pierced from both sides, and also the wind passes through. This kind of style offers the astonishment and emotions which are beyond generations and races. Anyway, it is “cool” without any reason.
Welcome to Mizoe gallery to chase the artist’s trajectory which is consisted of bronze and drawing works, centered around the 8 pieces of wood carving, which was made from 1970s to 1990s and also the masterpiece “Exploration of Light ‘85” that was collected by kismet by our gallery, crossing the boundaries between the oriental and western, concrete and abstract.
Mizoe Art Gallery,
Kazunobu ABE

(The day the artist in gallery)
October 8th afternoon
October 9th, 11:00~16:00
24 Sep 2017 KOBE ART MARCHÉ 2017
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This year, the Kobe Art Marché (KAM) welcomes its 9the anniversary. It will be held at the 13th floor in Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel. The galleries from across Japan will participate in this art fair by exhibiting the works in the hotel’s rooms. Within the great location of beautiful ocean view and Kobe’s street sights, it will be an easy-going event for as many people as possible to join. We look forward to seeing you all at the Kobe Art Marché (KAM)

Mizoe Art Gallery/Room 1305, we are going to present two artists Kenpei Yunde and Takeshi Wei, who are well received in last year.
Firstly, Kenpei Yunde believes that all the motifs are present on the “soil”, and he has been painting clumsily with the steady style in which he spends one whole year for putting on the oils again and again and then shaving where he doesn’t need to express the deep beauty from the thick materials and oil paints simply.In contrast, all the research drawings which were drew in coverage places, express the artist’s respiration and realistic feeling of the site within the improvisational sense of speed.
Secondly, the figures tinged with sorrow which comes out of the artist’s imagination. The still life paintings full of tranquility and vitality. Very imaginative objects made of found driftwood and waste lumbers. Illustration-like attractiveness of the woodblock prints with the original technique of the artist. Despite its variety, each piece has reached a high degree of perfection. Please enjoy the world of Takeshi Wei, which is full of poetic sentiment and tenderness.

Please enjoy the new encounter with the work.

Fee: 1,000 yen (Multi-Day Passport)
* If there is a purchase of merchandise over 5000 yen at the event; there will be a 1000 yen deduction available.
16 Sep 2017 [Fukuoka]Takashide KOMATSU Exhibition Saturday, September 16 – Sunday, October 1, 2017
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Takahide Komatsu 
1979 Born in Nbeoka city, Miyazaki/Graduated from Artist Course, Kyusyu DesignerGakuin (Fukuoka)

2006 ART SHANGHAI 2006 (Shanghai)
2007 New Talent From Japan Exhibition(New York)
2008 Solo Exhibition「Coexistence」TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY(Osaka)
2009 Solo Exhibition「coexistence」Gallery Forty-seven(London)
   Korea International Art Fair 2009 (Seoul)
2010 Art Fair Tokyo 2010(Tokyo International Forum)
2011 Solo Exhibition「Ephemeralness」TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY(Osaka)
   Art Fair Tokyo 2010(Tokyo International Forum)
   ART TAIPEI 2011(Taipei)
   Solo Exhibition FINE ART ASIA 2011(Hong Kong)
2012 FINE ART ASIA 2012(Hong Kong)
2013 Solo Exhibition「GENBU」MIZOE Art Gallery(Fukuoka)
   Asia Contemporary Art Show 2013(Hong Kong)
2014 Solo Exhibition「MIZU」MIZOE Art Gallery(Tokyo)
   Affordable Art Fair Singapore(Singapore)
   ART TAIPEI 2014 (Taipei)
2015 Affordable Art Fair Brussels(Brussels)
    Art Fair Tokyo 2015(Tokyo International Forum)
    Affordable Art Fair Singapore(Singapore)
    Solo Exhibition「SANSHISUIMEI」MIZOE Art Gallery(Fukuoka)
   Art Expo Malaysia Plus 2015(Kuala Lumpur)
 FINE ART ASIA 2015(Hong Kong)
2016 Solo Exhibition「Homage to Korin」Fabrik Gallery(Hong Kong)
   Asia Contemporary Art Show spring 2016(Hong Kong)
   Japanese Contemporary Art Show(Manila)
   Asia Contemporary Art Show autumn 2016(Hong Kong)
2017 Solo Exhibition Art Fair Tokyo 2017(Tokyo International Forum)
    Solo Exhibition「Satoyama」MIZOE Art Gallery(Tokyo)
    ART STAGE JAKARTA 2017(Jakarta)

2010 (COP10) United Nations, The Convention on Biological Diversity Conference of the Parties・special exhibition/Collection
2011 Sponsorship by Fukuoka City Foundation for Arts and Cultural Promotion/Hakata Riverain Mall・Artlier Exhibition
2012 Hong Kong(Harbour City) The Wharf Art Collection
2013 DELLXPS13×13 craftsmen who inherit traditional culture
2015~ Vision Global Wi-Fi「GO-BEYONDER」
2016 Produced 「Nobeoka Castle Poster Group Butterfly Diagram」for Nobeoka City’s New Government Building Citizen Space ( which was donated by Asahi Kasei)
   Selected by LEXUS NEW TAKUMI PROJECT 2016
   Dealt with the collaboration with Sumitomo Forestry Co. Ltd of the project of 「a floor painting」

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