25 Oct 2016 [Tokyo] Wasaburo Itozono Exhibition-the 15th Year Memorial October 15 (Sat) – October 30 (Sun), 2016
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This year marks the 8th anniversary of my art gallery. I, of course, had never had a chance to meet the painter Mr. Wasaburo Itozono in person. I saw his painting for the first time in my gallery. It was a painting of flowers. The subject seemed like it was floating in the air, and that elegantly tranquil and poetic picture surface instantly mesmerized me. As I read the books about the master and met his family and his former students, I have learned that Mr. Itozono was loved and respected by everyone around. And before I knew it, I had also become one of his followers. I have collected more than 20 pieces of his works with the sole desire of organizing his posthumous exhibition in honor of his artist career, and now it has come true. All the staff of Mizoe Art Gallery look forward to seeing you at the said exhibition.
Mizoe Art Gallery Director: Kazunobu Abe

Wasaburo Itozono: Born in Nakatsu, Oita in 1911 and died in Suginami-ku, Tokyo. Learned under Kanji Maeta. Used to be a member of Dokuritsu Art Association, Bijyutsu Bunka Art Association, Jiyu Art Association, and eventually became independent. Received Honorable Mention in Japan International Art Exhibition, Mr. K Award in Contemporary Art Exhibition of Japan, and more. Professor at Nihon University College of Art. Works collected in the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo/ the Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura & Hayama/ Oita Prefectural Art Museum, and more.
23 Oct 2016 [Fukuoka]Nami SHIBATA Solo Exhibition "Montage" October 8th, 2016 (Sat) – October 23rd, 2016 (Sun)
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montage (noun)
1[MASS NOUN] The technique of selecting, editing, and piecing together separate sections of film to form a continuous whole.
1.1[COUNT NOUN] A sequence of film made using the technique of montage.
1.2 The technique of producing a new composite whole from fragments of pictures, text, or music.
From Oxford Living Dictionaries (Oxford University Press)

When you see the paintings by Nami Shibata, you will get a strong impression on the brushstrokes and color tones, which are sometimes smooth and sometimes intense. It is exactly the intension of the artist; for Shibata, a painting is just a material “thing,” which is made of paints and canvas etc., and the subject matter itself does not have any special meaning. “How she painted” is much important than “what she painted,” and the subject matter is nothing but something like a blueprint or a criteria to decide the colors and the direction of brushstrokes.
In this exhibition, we display Shibata’s series of “montage as portraits of nobody,” which were made from the various images she saw in everyday life. It is the artist’s very first solo exhibition in her hometown Fukuoka even though she has been the young artist in the spotlight in recent years. We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition. (Mizoe Art Gallery)

Nami Shibata:
Born in Kumamoto in 1985. Graduated from Fukuoka Prefectural Dazaifu High School. Left Onomichi City University Graduate Program in Arts & Design before graduating. Selected for TOKYO WONDER WALL 2009 (and again in 2010.) “ROOFS” was exhibited at Tokyo Wonder Site Emerging 2010. Selected for Shell Art Award 2013. Solo and group exhibition in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Hiroshima, Kagawa and more. Has exhibited at Art Fair Tokyo since 2014.

06 Sep 2016 ART FAIR ASIA FUKUOKA 2016 September 10 (Sat)-11 (Sun)
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Invited guests and the press only.
12:00pm – 6:00pm, September 9 (Fri)

Public Opening:
11:00am – 9:00pm, September 10 (Sat)
11:00am – 7:00pm, September 11 (Sun)

Hotel Okura Fukuoka - 9F
3-2 Shimokawabata-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka. 812-0027
Tel +81-92-262-1111

upper left: Mitsuko TABE “Healthy Work”
upper right: Nami SHIBATA “Montage”
bottom: Takahide KOMATSU “Dance of Insects”

The 2nd edition of the first art fair in Fukuoka, ART FAIR ASIA / FUKUOKA 2016, will be held at Hotel Okura Fukuoka. Galleries from across Asia participate in this art fair, and it is expected to be one of the most interesting international art fair for the artists, museums, galleries, collectors and art professionals all over the world. Behind its background, there is a fact that it is a unique project that brings out the regional characteristics in Fukuoka with the cooperation of Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, which is the only museum in the world that collects Asian art systematically. In 2015, the year of the launch of this project, it recorded 2200 attendants with the participation of a total of 27 galleries and gained a great response. 38 galleries will participate this year.

For our first time participating in this art fair, Mizoe Art Gallery presents three artists: Mitsuko TABE, who is one of the founding member of Group Kyushu-ha and still is the leading figure in Japanese art scene, Takahire KOMATSU, who is young but has already been acclaimed both nationally and internationally, and Nami SHIBATA, who is in the limelight as a new artist.


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