10 Aug 2016 [Fukuoka] Works on Paper – Print & Drawing Collection | August 27th, 2016 (Sat) – September 19th, 2016 (Mon)
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Right: Pablo PICASSO
The Three Graces, 1922-1923
Etching, ed.87/100
46.4 x 32.4 cm (189/32 x 123/4 in.)

Left: Yasuo KAZUKI
Siberia Series (a set of four), 1969
Lithograph, ed.3/50

We invite you all to our upcoming exhibition, Works on Paper Collection, which ranges from the prints by the world’s masters and the dedicated contemporary artists to the reproductions of popular artists. We will also have watercolors and drawings from which you can feel the artists’ strong presence. We display a variety of works on paper in this exhibition, and some works are offered at a discounted price.
Why don’t you come find your favorite piece before the summer ends?
Mizoe Art Gallery

Hanjiro SAKAMOTO, Morikazu KUMAGAI, Ryuzaburo UMEHARA, Yasuo KAZUKI, Hirosuke TASAKI, Noriyuki USHIJIMA, Toshiyuki HASEGAWA, Kokuta SUDA, Tatuoki NAMBATA, Wasaburo ITOZONO, Ryo HIRANO, Ryonosuke FUKUI, Matazo KAYAMA, Tetsuro KOMAI, Chimei HAMADA, Gyoji NOMIYAMA, Tomonori TOYOFUKU, Tadayoshi NAKABAYASHI, Keisei KOBAYASHI, Tamie OKUYAMA, and more.

*Artists are subject to change.

10 Jul 2016 [Tokyo]"Gallery’s Eye Ⅱ- Contemporary Artists Selection" July 2 (Sat) – July 17 (Sun), 2016
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Gallery’s Eye is the exhibition organized for you to see our sensibilities and taste as an art gallery. When we decide what to offer in our galleries, the most important test it must pass is whether it is timeless. Following Gallery’s Eye I, in which we displayed the masterpieces of the great historical masters, Gallery’s Eye II will present the works of 16 of our favorite contemporary artists without the boundaries of genre, age, or groups.
We believe that genuinely good art will continue to be admired and appreciated over time without being influenced by trends, fads and market potential. In this upcoming exhibition, we are going to showcase more than 30 pieces of those artist who have been committed to create their works with that vision.
We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.
Mizoe Art Gallery

Mitsuko TABE, Keiichi INOUE, Satoru JOGASAKI, Tamie OKUYAMA, Satoshi MINAMI, Masahiko KABUTA, Takeshi WEI, Shin KAMIKAWA, Kenpei YUNDE, Takashi MASAKI, Masahito KATAYAMA, Mario EBIKO, Mayumi HACHIYA, Myung Sik KIM, Takahide KOMATSU, Kikuma MOCHIZUKI
*Names in random order. Artists are subject to change.

04 Jul 2016 [Fukuoka]Satoru Jogasaki Solo Exhibition“Halfway through the Journey” July 9 (Sat) – July 24 (Sun), 2016
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Satoru Jogasaki Solo Exhibition “Halfway through the Journey”

July 9 (Sat) – July 24 (Sun), 2016
Hours: 10:00am – 7:00pm (Open every day during the event)
Opening party: 5:00 pm on July 9 (Sat)
*Artist present on the following dates: July 9-13 and July 17-20.

Standing in front of a white canvas
I look back the things I left behind

When everything I have stacked up
Falls to pieces quietly
The shapes I have fruitlessly been looking for
Come into sight

I wanted to paint everything
So I had struggled

But now
I know I can never paint everything
And that makes me happy

Born in 1950
Tama Art University
Lives in Kagoshima

1979 Received Ebihara Prize in Southern Japan Art Exhibition
1991 Received Special Merit Award in Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition
1996 Yasui Award Exhibition
1997 Received Grand Prize in Biennale Exhibition of Arts in Makurazaki
2000 Contemporary Japanese Paintings Exhibition
Solo exhibition
2001 “The Sower” at Nanmeikan Museum, Kagoshima
2009 “Bowl of Wind” at Miyake Museum of Art
Exhibitions (solo/group): Keio Department Store, Yamakataya Art Gallery, the Ueno Royal Museum, and Tokyo Station gallery.
Public Collection: Kagoshima Prefectural Office, Kagoshima City Museum of Art, the Ueno Royal Museum, Nanmeikan Museum, Nagashima Museum, Miyake Museum of Art, and more.

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