26 Jul 2022 [Tokyo] Kenpei YUNDE exhibition August.20(Sat) - September.4(Sun), 2022
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Kenpei Yunde Exhibition
August.20(Sat) - September.4(Sun), 2022

10:00am-6:00pm (Open every day during the event)
*The artist will be at the gallery on August20th (Sat), 21st(Sun),27th(Sst), 28th(Sun), 29th(Mon).

"There is soil at everyone's feet. What is true happiness in modern times in which we cannot recognize this obvious fact? I would like to express the importance of feeling the origin of our life through the thick surface by repeated brushstrokes of oil paint," said Kenpei YUNDE. This is the second solo exhibition of YUNDE since the corona outbreak started. YUNDE completely gave himself over painting during the time which consolidated his passion and belief for painting. As usual, or more thoroughly, more than 50 layers of paint were applied to create paintings each of which takes him one year. Many people are fascinated by the small happiness painted on them.
We would like you to have a look at the painter's way of living. We are waiting for your visit to our gallery. Kazunobu Abe, Mizoe Art Gallery

YUNDE style new impressionist live drawing!
Date: Aug 27th (Sat) 1:00pm - 3:00pm
*Please make a reservation by phone. 03-3722-6570 *Capacity is 20.

Commentary gallery talk by the artist
Date: Aug 28th (Sun) 2:00pm - 3:00pm
*Please make a reservation by phone. 03-3722-6570 *Capacity is 20.

Kenpei YUNDE/ Born in Osaka, Japan, in 1970. Completed Fine Arts Course, Osaka University of Arts in 1996. Received the Minister of Education Award in 2013.
Awarded Sompo Japan Fine Art Prize in the 28th Sompo Japan Outstanding Rising Artist Exhibition in 2009.
10 Jul 2022 [Tokyo]Eriko FUJISAWA and Atsushi HOSOI Duo Sat. July 16th, 2022 - Sun. July 31st
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Eriko FUJISAWA and Atsushi HOSOI Duo Exhibition
Sat. July 16th, 2022 -Sun. July 31th

Open every day during the period. 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Venue: Mizoe Art Gallery in Tokyo
The artists will be in the gallery on the days notified below.
Eriko FUJISAWA: Sat., Sun., and national holidays (4:00 PM-6:00 PM)
Atsushi HOSOI: Sat., Sun., and national holidays

In 1995, an ambitious special exhibition, "Allegory of Seeing 1995: the Current Situation of Painting and Sculpture" was held at Sezon Museum of Art (closed now) which introduced 30 national artists in total. Eriko FUJISAWA as a painter and Atsushi HOSOI as a sculptor also participated. They continued artistic activities stimulating each other for 27 years up to the present.
Mizoe Art Gallery aimed to introduce mid-career artists (who have continued artistic activity and exhibition for long years) and their artworks which should be appreciated again. To achieve it, we will display the artworks of Eriko FUJISAWA who creates paintings under the theme of lines and shapes transforming them into the harmony of hue, and Atsushi HOSOI who travels between illusion and reality by shaping the atmosphere and existence of invisible things as the duo exhibition focusing on their new artworks.

Born in Tokyo in 1960.
Graduated Department of Science of Design, College of Art and Design at Musashino Art University. Completed B-semi schooling system. Creating mainly by drawing on paper and canvas.

《Untitled》 (2022) Crayon and oil paint on arches paper. 14.96x11.02in

Atsushi HOSOI
Born in Iida-shi, Nagano Prefecture in 1963.
Completed Department of Sculpture, Graduate School of Art and Design at Musashino Art University. Not only holding exhibitions at home and abroad, but also receiving commissions.

《 Posterior Fontanelle No,2022-001 》2022 Stainless-steel frame and resin. H30.31×W54.33×D39.37in
23 Jun 2022 [FUKUOKA] Gyoji NOMIYAMA exhibition Paint, Paint, and Still Paint August 6(Sat) - August 28(Sun), 2022
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《Unknown Seasons》 2022 Oil on canvas 51.29×63.77 in

Gyoji NOMIYAMA exhibition Paint, Paint, and Still Paint
August 6(Sat) - August 28(Sun), 2022

10:00am-6:00pm (Open every day during the event)
*We will be closed from August 13th to 15th due to summer break.

Did you see Gyoji Nomiyama Exhibition After 100 Years that was held at Taichi Sakaiya Memorial Aizumi Art Museum of Tokyo University of the Arts at the beginning of this year? A number of artworks which were mostly painted in this one year have overflowing energy and freshness like spring. The vivid colors and energetic free brushstrokes always make me feel the existence of life in his paintings.
"I want to express something that firmly settles in me." Gyoji NOMIYAMA keeps on painting pursuing something he still cannot attain.
This exhibition will show his artworks of each period including the postwar years, the time he stayed in Europe, and the years after he returned to Japan. You will grasp the current activity of Gyoji NOMIYAMA who still continues to evolve after turning 101 years old. We are waiting for your visit.
Kazunobu Abe, Mizoe Art Gallery

1920 Born in Fukuoka. Graduated from the Oil Painting department at Tokyo University of the Arts.52-64 Stayed in France. The Yasui Prize. 68-81 Provided teaching at Tokyo University of the Arts.The Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts. Fukuoka Prefecture Culture Awards. Mainichi Art Award. Person for Cultural Merits. 2014 The Order of Culture.

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