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[Fukuoka] Koji WATANABE exhibition -Temple of the Wind- July 2nd(Sat) – July 18th(Mon, Public holiday), 2022

《 la finestra 》Bronze 9.84×h 7.87in

Koji WATANABE Exhibition -Temple of the Wind -
July 2nd(Sat) – July 18th(Mon, National holiday), 2022

10:00am-6:00pm (Open every day during the event)
*The artist will be at the gallery on Sat., Sun., and national holidays.

《 discesa 》Bronze 5.9×h 15.74in

Koji WATANABE stayed in Italy for 24 years. For most of the years, he created artworks living by the Lake Como near the border of Switzerland. I dreamily imagine how great the environment was. Currently, he works in a quiet old Japanese-style house in Karatsu as his studio which is a quiet place as well. The bronze artworks created by WATANABE are suggestive and mysterious like palaces and temples in the stories of Western countries.
"The theme is stability in an unstable society," the artist says. Life abroad for many years would not have been as graceful experience as we think.
We will exhibit approximately 20 artworks focusing on the artworks created in Italy. Please feel the wind of Italy brought by the artworks of Koji WATANABE.
Kazunobu Abe, Mizoe Art Gallery

Koji WATANABE/ Born at Tachiarai-machi, Mitsui-gun, Fukuoka Prefecture in 1961. Completed Graduate School of Art at Kyushu Sangyo University. Creative activities in Italy from 1986 to 2010. The  Silver Prize at the 8th Ravenna International Sculpture Biennale (Italy). Special Jury Prize at the 9th Ravenna International Sculpture Biennale (Italy). Grand Prize at Como International Competition (Italy). Toyamura International Sculpture Biennale (Japan). Kaze no Art Exhibition Biennale Makurazaki (Japan). Many solo and group exhibitions mostly in Italy and Germany.
(14 Jun 2022)
[Tokyo] Gyoji NOMIYAMA exhibition Paint, Paint, and Still Paint June 18(Sat) - July 3(Sun), 2022

《Unknown Seasons》 2022 Oil on canvas 130.3×162cm

Gyoji NOMIYAMA exhibition Paint, Paint, and Still Paint
June 18(Sat) - July 3(Sun), 2022

10:00am-6:00pm (Open every day during the event)

Did you see Gyoji Nomiyama Exhibition After 100 Years that was held at Taichi Sakaiya Memorial Aizumi Art Museum of Tokyo University of the Arts at the beginning of this year? A number of artworks which were mostly painted in this one year have overflowing energy and freshness like spring. The vivid colors and energetic free brushstrokes always make me feel the existence of life in his paintings.
"I want to express something that firmly settles in me." Gyoji NOMIYAMA keeps on painting pursuing something he still cannot attain.
This exhibition will show his artworks of each period including the postwar years, the time he stayed in Europe, and the years after he returned to Japan. You will grasp the current activity of Gyoji NOMIYAMA who still continues to evolve after turning 101 years old. We are waiting for your visit.
Kazunobu Abe, Mizoe Art Gallery

1920 Born in Fukuoka. Graduated from the Oil Painting department at Tokyo University of the Arts.52-64 Stayed in France. The Yasui Prize. 68-81 Provided teaching at Tokyo University of the Arts.The Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts. Fukuoka Prefecture Culture Awards. Mainichi Art Award. Person for Cultural Merits. 2014 The Order of Culture.
(26 May 2022)
We will exhibit at ART BASEL Hong Kong 2022!

ART BASEL Hong Kong 2022
May 25th(Wed)-May 29th(Sun),2022

May 25th(Wed) 12:00pm-20:00pm
May 26th(Thu) 12:00pm-20:00pm
May 27th(Fri) 12:00pm-14:00pm
May 28th(Sat) 12:00pm-14:00pm
May 29th(Sun) 11:00am-12:00pm

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

Booth [ 1D55 ]

Exhibiting artist from MIZOE ART GALLERY
(21 May 2022)
We will exhibit at TAIPEI DANGDAI 2022!


Open to Public
May 20 – 22, 2022 | 11AM – 6:30PM

VIP Preview (invitation only)
May 19, 2022 | 2PM – 5PM

Vernissage (by invitation or advance ticket)
May 19, 2022 | 5PM – 8PM

Taipei World Trade Center Hall 1

Booth [ D08 ]

Exhibiting artist from MIZOE ART GALLERY
(17 May 2022)
We will exhibit at KOBE ART MARCHÉ 2022!

Kenpei YUNDE《Full moon above the clouds and Mt. Fuji》2022 Oil on canvas 35.86×23.85 in

May. 13(Fri)-May.15(Sun), 2022


5-6, Hashiwabacho, Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0042, Japan
The exhibition will be held in 34 guest rooms.

Exhibit Room No. of  MIZOE ART GALLERY: Room No.1326

Admission fee: 1,000 yen (3-day pass)

Exhibiting artists from MIZOE ART GALLERY:
Kenpei YUNDE / Nami SHIBATA / Takashi YATOJI

Nami SHIBATA《Actor》2022 Oil on canvas 17.91×14.96 in

Takashi YATOJI《something that is no one 5》 2022 Mixed media 20.86×17.91 in
(13 May 2022)
[Fukuoka] Ben Oga Exhibition: Lights at Night June 11th(Sat) - June 26th(Sun), 2022
Ben Oga Exhibition: Lights at Night
June 11th(Sat) - June 26th(Sun), 2022

10:00am-6:00pm (Open every day during the event)
*The artist will be at the gallery on June 11th (Sat), 12th(Sun), 13th(Mon)

《Blessing Boat》2022 Mixed media 39.37×28.62 in

《Voice of an Angel》2021 Picture painted on glass 2.83×4.6 in

There are children, animals, bird-like creatures, houses, mountains, stars, and the landscape of the earth in the paintings of Ben Oga. Although they are obviously imagination by the artist, I cannot avoid feeling a sense of deja vu. There are stories including various emotions that take the audience into the world of the paintings to make them become a part of the story. Repeatedly coated paints like fabric will evoke thoughts, memories, hope for the future, and the prayers of happiness that everyone has in common. We would like you to enjoy the painted world of Oga in your own way.
Kazunobu Abe, Mizoe Art Gallery

Ben Oga
Born in Matsuyama city, Ehime Prefecture in 1971. Majored picture book writer course at Osaka Sogo College of Design. A number of solo and group exhibitions inside and outside Japan. Won the grand prize at Message from the Young Painters Show. The Hakone Open-air Museum prize at Painting Japanese Nature Exhibition. Many illustrations for cover pages including "the Disease of Soseki Natsume and 'Ten Nights Dreaming" by Norihiko Miyoshi, "Thinking of Modern Folk Tales" by Miyoko Matsutani. Appeared on the TV programme by BS Fuji “Night Before The Break ~ Next Generation Artists ~” on January 12th, 2018. Published the poetry and art book "the Pocketbook of a Night Bird" (9 April 2016, planning and publishing department of Gallery Echo-an). Appeared in a commercial for Daiichi Gas, (Nankai Broadcasting Co., Ltd.), 2020. Stranger Friends by Marcelo Vilmaher, bound and illustrated by Fukuinkan Shoten, 2021.

Opening Event
Date & Time : June 11th (Sat) 16:00 start
A reading of Ogaben's own poems accompanied by live accordion music.

(Performed by Yocci)

《 Music box of constellations 》16.14×16.14 in
(14 Apr 2022)
[Fukuoka] Kenpei YUNDE exhibition May.21(Sat) - Jun.5(Sun), 2022

Kenpei Yunde Exhibition -We Live on the Soil-
May 21st (Sat), 2022 – Jun 5th(Sun)

10:00am-6:00pm (Open every day during the event)
*The artist will be at the gallery on May21st (Sat), 22nd(Sun), 28th(Sat), 29th(Sun).

《Happy morning, under the apple tree》 2022 Oil on canvas

"There is soil at everyone's feet. What is true happiness in modern times in which we cannot recognize this obvious fact? I would like to express the importance of feeling the origin of our life through the thick surface by repeated brushstrokes of oil paint," said Kenpei YUNDE. This is the second solo exhibition of YUNDE since the corona outbreak started. YUNDE completely gave himself over painting during the time which consolidated his passion and belief for painting. As usual, or more thoroughly, more than 50 layers of paint were applied to create paintings each of which takes him one year. Many people are fascinated by the small happiness painted on them.
We would like you to have a look at the painter's way of living. We are waiting for your visit to our gallery. Kazunobu Abe, Mizoe Art Gallery

《Morning in Kyoto, the time of budding》2022 Drawing on paper

Kenpei YUNDE/ Born in Osaka, Japan, in 1970. Completed Fine Arts Course, Osaka University of Arts in 1996. Received the Minister of Education Award in 2013.
Awarded Sompo Japan Fine Art Prize in the 28th Sompo Japan Outstanding Rising Artist Exhibition in 2009.

We will exhibit Portraying the Heart of the Japanese Constitution series by Kenpei YUNDE for the first time.
YUNDE has continued creating artworks that wonder about the origin of human activities. In this exhibition, we exhibit part of the constitutional law series for the first time together with the latest paintings that look more carefully at the feet.

Commentary gallery talk by the artist
Date: May 29th (Sun) 2:00pm - 3:00pm
*Please make a reservation by phone. 092-738-5655 *Capacity is 20.

《 Festive Rice Field under Sun and Moon Portrayal (Part 3 of the Constitutional Preamble Trilogy) 》2009 Oil on canvas

YUNDE style new impressionist live drawing!
Date: May 28th (Sat) 1:00pm - 3:00pm
*Please make a reservation by phone. 092-738-5655 *Capacity is 20.

《 The dirt road at dawn 》 2022 Oil on canvas

《 Sun, Moon and Flower beds 》 2022 Oil on canvas
(14 Apr 2022)
[Tokyo] Isamu Kojima exhibition - Poem of the Earth - May.14(Sat) - May.29(Sun), 2022

"EARTH・Butterfly in the Forest" 2022  Mixed media 35.43x35.43 in

Isamu Kojima exhibition - Poem of the Earth
May.14(Sat) - May.29(Sun), 2022

10:00am-6:00pm (Open every day during the event)
The artist will be at the gallery on May 14th (Sat), 15th(Sun).

When I look at the artworks of Isamu KOJIMA keeping the word "Earth" in mind, I get convinced that those paintings were inspired by the scenery of the Brazilian land where he had lived viewed from the sky. Sometimes, the Morpho butterfly, a butterfly living in the Brazilian forest appears on the artworks as if it symbolizes life. Although the vivid colors have an atmosphere of Latin, the artworks are made of layers of various materials such as thick paper, cloth, Japanese traditional paper, and marble. The flat artworks made of Japanese material and texture that were carefully selected show the unique expression through a process of trial and error by KOJIMA who constantly put him in the world.
There will be approximately 25 works including large artworks. Please look forward to the exhibition.
(Mizoe Art Gallery)

"EARTH・Butterfly in the Forest" 2022 Mixed media 19.68x19.68 in

Bron in Fukuoka in 1938. Independent.
Worked in Sao Paulo from 1970 to 1980. Special prize at Salon Joben Exhibition in 1977 (Sao Paulo). Solo Exhibition, Liu Haisu Art Museum (Shanghai) in 2004. CASA THOMAS JEFFERSON ART GALLERY special solo exhibition in 2005 (Brasilia, Brazil). GALERIA DECO special solo exhibition (Sao Paulo). Solo exhibition organised by Zainul Gallery (Bangladesh), solo exhibition at Yoseido Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo, in 2006 (Ginza). Contemporary Art Exhibition of Yokohama and Sao Paulo in 2008 (Yokohama). Award of Excellence at the 8th Rome International Biennial of Art in 2010 (Italy). China-Japan-South Korea Artwork Exchange Exhibition at Shanghai Expo (the Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai). Solo exhibition (Sao Paulo). ARTE PADOVA in 2010 (Italy). The semi-grand prize at Brazilian Art Exhibition (Italy). Solo exhibition “Joo mane espaso e cultura” in 2011 (Sao Paulo). Mizoe Art Gallery solo exhibition in 2013 (Fukuoka). The Phenomenon of Boiling Point Exhibition in 2018 (Tagawa Museum of Art). Silver Prize at Japanese Calendar Exhibition in 2019.
Solo Exhibition inside and outside Japan such as in New York and Rio de Janeiro.
(14 Apr 2022)

[Fukuoka] Golden Week Thanksgiving - On Sale - , April 23th (Sat) – May 8th (Sun), 2022

Golden Week Thanksgiving - On Sale -
April 23th (Sat) – May 8th (Sun), 2022
10:00am-6:00pm (Open every day during the event)

Prints and drawings, including contemporary, deceased and foreign artists.
A wide range of artworks will be on sale at affordable prices.

Henri MATISSE ≪Nu pour Cleveland≫ Etchings ed.6/250  14.25×11.14 in 

〈Exhibiting artists〉
Léonard FUJITA / Shikanosuke OKA / Ryohei KOISO / Noriyuki USHIJIMA / Ryo HIRANO / Chozaburo INOUE / Hiroki ODA / Q EI / Genichiro INOKUMA / Zenzo SAKAMOTO / Waichi TSUTAKA / Kokuta SUDA / Shosuke OSAWA / Manabu MABE / Ay-O / Kaii HIGASHIYAMA / Fumiko HORI / Tatsuoki NAMBATA / Henri MATISSE / Marc CHAGALL / Pierre BONNARD / Antoni TÀPIES / Antoni CLAVE /Paul Augustin AÏZPIRI / Paul GUIRAMAND / Jean-Pierre CASSIGNEUL / Bernard CATHELIN / Georges ROUAULT / Ben SHAHN / Andy WARHOL(Sunday B. Morning), some others
*Exhibiting artists are subject to change.

Ryo HIRANO ≪Talking woman≫ Oil on canvas 16.1×12.51 in

Andy WARHOL AFTER ≪Golden Marilyn 11.43(Sunday B. Morning)≫ Screen print on museum board ed.122/2000 35.82×35.82 in

Ben SHAHN ≪Door from " the Notebooks of Malte Laurids Brigge"≫ Lithograph 21.33×16.73 in

Paul GUIRAMAND ≪Woman with Lily≫ Oil on canvas 35.78×23.85 in

Kaii HIGASHIYAMA ≪Winter flowers≫ New reprinting Lithograph ed.8/350 23.62×18.89 in

Manabu MABE ≪Tears of Star≫ Lithograph ed.25/70 30.7×27.95 in

Genichiro INOKUMA ≪The naked child and the bird≫ Lithograph ed.150 17.71×14.96 in

Nambata TATSUOKI ≪Generative Poem B≫ Lithograph ed.24/124
22.83×18.89 in
(23 Apr 2022)
[Tokyo] Mizoe Art Gallery Tokyo Branch 10th Anniversary Exhibition Masterpieces Forever, April 16th(Sat) – May 8(Sun), 2022

Pablo PICASSO(1881-1973)
《Tête de femme》 1953 Oil on canvas 18.07x14.84 in
A portrait of Françoise Gilot who lived together with Picasso as his lover, mother, and an artist

Mizoe Art Gallery Tokyo Branch 10th Anniversary Exhibition
Masterpieces Forever
16 Apr (Sat) - 8 May (Sun), 2022

10:00-18:00 (Open every day during the exhibition.)
Venue: Mizoe Art Gallery Tokyo

It has been already 10 years since Mizoe Art Gallery Tokyo branch opened here at Denenchofu. We deeply thank you for your continued patronage and support.
Our concept since we first opened is "to provide high-quality artworks that keep on moving people over the ages". We exhibit the masterpieces in one place which we collected in a quest for the purpose.
We would like to keep on pursuing and offering artworks that remain attractive in the future.
We sincerely wait for your visits to our gallery.
Kazunobu Abe, Mizoe Art Gallery

Artists to be exhibited
Pablo PICASSO, Henri MATISS, Marc CHAGALL, Pierre-Auguste RENOIR, Claude MONET, Wassily KANDINSKY, Fernand LÉGER, Ben SHAHN
Hanjiro SAKAMOTO, Toshiyuki HASEGAWA, Noriyuki USHIJIMA, Setsuko MIGISHI, Kaoru YAMAGUCHI, Yasuo KAZUKI, Saburo ASO, Rey Camoy, Genichiro INOKUMA, Kyusaburo ITO, Ei-Q, Kokuta SUDA, Zenzo SAKAMOTO, Toshimitsu IMAI, Wasaburo ITOZONO, Chozaburo INOUE, Ryo HIRANO, Hiroki ODA, Chimei HAMADA, Tatsuo IKEDA, Tomonori TOYOFUKU, Gyoji NOMIYAMA, and more.

Marc CHAGALL(1887-1985)
《 Orphée 》1969 Oil on canvas 38.18x51.29 in
"Orpheus and Eurydice", an opera by Gluck that was also painted for "bouquet de rêves", the Ceiling of the Paris Opéra.

Rey Camoy《 Violin 》1976 Oil on canvas 25.66x20.86 in / Hanjiro SAKAMOTO《 A Mare and a Foal at the Stable 》1939 Oil on canvas 15x17.87 in
(06 Apr 2022)

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