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Work code : AFT2021yunde_01

Kenpei YUNDE

「Dreaming Flower Bed」

Oil on canvas
35.8 x 35.8 in
91 x 91cm

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  3. Kenpei YUNDE
1970 Born in Osaka, Japan.
1989 Graduated from Nara Prefectural Takada High School.
Accepted for Issuikai Exhibition.
1993 Received Honorable Mention in Issuikai Exhibition (again in 1996 and 1998)
1996 Completed Art course at Osaka University of Arts.
1997 Received Nichido Art Foundation Award in Showakai Exhibition.
1999 Solo Exhibition at Gallery Nichido (in Tokyo and Osaka.)
(several times more later on)
2000 Nominated for Issuikai member.
2002 Solo Exhibition at Gallery Nichido (Osaka)
2003 Solo Exhibition at Gallery Nichido (Fukuoka)
2004 Solo Exhibition at Mitsukoshi (Osaka)
2005 Solo Exhibition at Mitsukoshi (Fukuoka)
2007 Nominated for a committee member of Issuikai
2009 Received Sompo Japan Art Award in Sompo Japan Art Foundation
Selection Encouragement Award Exhibition.
2010 Exhibited at the 2nd Seiryukai Exhibition.
Currently a member of Issuikai committee

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