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Work code : inoue-38

Keiichi INOUE

「Crimson Sky 」

oil on canvas. 53 x 65.2cm (20.9×25.7in)

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  3. Keiichi INOUE
1947 Born in Fukuoka, Japan.
1980 MFA from Fukuoka University of Education, Fine Arts.

1995 Merit Award in the 2nd Beppu Contemporary Painting Exhibition.
Grand Prize in the 4th Memorial Exhibition of Aoki.
Second place in the 4th Biennale Exhibition of Arts in Makurazaki.
1996 Selected for Yasui Award Exhibition. (again in 1997).
Invited to Asian International Art Exhibition in Daegu (Korea)
1998 5th Fukuoka Prefecture Culture Prize

Currently Independent.

【Public Collection】
Kurume City (Fukuoka)
Makurazaki City (Kagoshima)
Tagawa City (Fukuoka)

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