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Work code : LA2018-21

Chikyo ONO

「Autum rain」

Mineral pigments on silk
18.1x19.7 in

Sales Price : 1,000,000 JPY Tax included

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Chikkyo Ono
小野 竹喬

1889, Chikkyo Ono was born in Kasaoka city, Okayama Prefecture. He used to learn painting from Kyoto’s Japanese-style painting master Seiho Takeuchi, and studied in Kyoto City University of Arts. After graduating from the university, Ono was working and being active in the rest of his life in Kyoto. Finally, he was employed as the professor in Kyoto City University of Arts. 1976, he was awarded the Order of Culture, because of his contributions to Japan’s art and literature.
Ono was keeping painting the beauty of Japan’s nature, making the western and eastern be combined into the traditional Japanese-style painting. It pioneered the landscape painting of a new expression to traditional style.
In late of Ono’s life, he finished a series art work, 10 pieces of paintings「奥の細道句抄絵/ Narrow Road to the Interior」according to a famous Japanese poet Basho Matsuo’s poem, which is collected in National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto. 1982, Kasaoka Shiritsu Chikkyo Museum was contributed in Ono’s hometown.

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