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Work code : minami-03



Minami Satoru

Sales Price : 91,800 JPY Tax included

1965 Born in Oita-city, resident in Fukuoka-city
1990 Tatsufuji Art prize(Nihon-Kotu Bunka Assoc.)
1991 Graduated from Tama University, Painting Dep. Japanese painting Div.
1996 Exhibition (Shiseido gallery) Feeling of the beauty (Takashimaya art gallery),
1997 Training overseas for one year (LA), by Pola art promotion foundation
1998 Tokyo Japanese painting new star selection exhibition,encouragement
Prize(Omishima Museum)
1999 Private exhibitions (quite prefectural art hall)
2000 Beautiful - modern Japanese & Western-painting new star exhibition
For the new centuries (Takashimaya)
2001 Private Exhibition(Art Praza), Oita-shi art museum sponsorship
2002 Tagawa-shi art museums award choice "the 11 th Hanabusa Ehibition"
fine work prize
2003 Member of Agency for Cultural Affairs rising artist training
2006   The 38th,  2010,The 42nd Nitten,Special Prize
2012 The 5th Kaii Higashiyama memory Nikkei Japanese paintings award exhibition (Museum of Ueno-no-mori)
Holt hall Oita theater original picture production,
2014 Bukann combination art exhibition (Oita-shi art museum)
Present  Kyushu Industrial University art department associate professor
[Japanese painting course]
Member of Nitten Nissyunn exhibition,member of Asia artist league Japan Committee Administration committee public collection(Oita-shi art museum) Prefectural art hall Tokyo,Imabari-shi, Omishima Museum Taketa-shi

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