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Work code : okuyamatamie2023-38


「Seed of Cloud 15-10」

Ink, charcoal, watercolor on paper

Sales Price : 253,000 JPY Tax included

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1946 Born in Nigata Prefecture, Japan. Grew up in Tokyo.
1969 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts.
Traveled to Spain to be an honorary student at Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Spain.
1986 Published the catalogue “OKUYAMA TAMIE TABIKESHO” (Bijutsu Shuppan Sha, Ltd.)
1987 Illustrated the serial novel “Yellow Hair” in Asahi Shimbun with drawings “The life in the hands”.
1992 Received 35th Yasui Award.
1996 Attended Kwangju International Contemporary Art Festival in Kwangju CityArt Museum in Korea as invited artist.
1998 Published the catalogue “Te no Naka no Inochi” (Okuyama Jimusho Publications)
2000 Published the catalogue “Yuragu Wataru” (Bijutsu Shuppan Sha, Ltd.)
2003 Published “Minikui Hana” (Iwanami Shoten, Ltd.)
2005 Became a professor of Onomichi University, Hiroshima.
Published Art-Essays “San Sui Ken Go” (Iwanami Shoten, Ltd.)
2010 Received the 31st Hiroshima Culture Prize.
2012 Retired from Onomichi University.
Lives and works in Tokyo.

The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama
Yokohama Museum of Art
Setagaya Art Museum, Tokyo
Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery
Wacoal Art Center, Tokyo

【Important Solo Exhibition】
2012 Nihonbashi Takashimaya, Tokyo.
2011 Memorial exhibition for retirement, Onomichi Shirakaba Art Museum.
2010 “Paint life”, Nakata Museum, Onomichi, Hiroshima.
2009 “Collection of Tamie Okuyama”, Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery, Tokyo.
Gallery Wada, Tokyo.
2007 “61 Ten” Okayama Art Garden, Okayama.
2002 “Le Soleil” Galerie Yoshii, Paris.
2000 “Wataru” Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi,Tokyo.
1998 “Te No Naka No Inochi” Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi,Tokyo.
1993 Atsushi Tanigawa presents “Hyoso no Boken” Morisu Gallery, Tokyo.
1991 “Yuragu” Tokyo Art Museum Ginza, Tokyo.
1984 77gallery,Tokyo (’86, ‘92).
Galerie Humanité, Nagoya.
Gallery Koichi, Yokohama.
1983 Seibu Hyakkaten, Tokyo.
1978 Shirota Gallery, Tokyo.

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