196 works
[Tokyo] Takahide KOMATSU Exhibition ”SATOYAMA” June 10 (Sat) - June 25 (Sun), 2023

Takahide KOMATSU Exhibition "SATOYAMA"
June 10 (Sat) - June 25 (Sun), 2023

10:00-18:00 (Open everyday during the exhibition)

Butterflies flutter over the canvas, ornate with Rimpa-style gold and silver leaf.
Shadows of fish swimming freely in the cool current of water. An abstract world that traps the passage of time in a black screen.
All of them depict the Satoyama landscape that Komatsu has been familiar with since he was a child.
The artist’s expression is not just limited to painting. He is currently working on a film about Nakamura Chihei, a great writer from his hometown in Miyazaki Prefecture, following his previous film about Shiotsuki Toho.
His activities that transcend the boundaries of fine art have brought a new air to the paintings that he creates. Please look forward to it.
Kazunobu Abe, Mizoe Art Gallery

《 Dance of the Southern Butterflies》Gold leaf, Acrylic on canvas M20

Special Exhibition
Shiotsuki Toho connects Miyazaki, Taiwan, and Japan

Working as an art teacher in Taiwan during the Japanese colonial period, Shiotsuki Toho lived according to his own beliefs as an artist.
This exhibition introduces the works of painters who were active in Miyazaki and Taiwan, and are connected by their ways of life.

《 The Two Atayal》Shiotsuki Toho

Other Artists
Ei-Q An artist that became neighbors with Shiotsuki after the war
Saita Tei A painter that moved to Miyazaki Prefecture after Shiotsuki Toho’s repatriation , in admiration of him

“Shiotsuki Toho” Documentary Film
About 100 years ago, there was a Japanese painter who traveled to Taiwan alone during the Japanese colonial period.
On Amazon Prime Video
Written and Directed by Takahide Komatsu
Narrated by Yoko Yamamoto (Actress), Art direction by Kazunobu Abe

《 Minnow 》Acrylic on canvas F6

Takahide Komatsu
Born in 1979. Born and living in Miyazaki Prefecture.Graduated from Artist Course in Kyushu Designer Gakuin College. He has exhibited his works in solo exhibitions and art fairs in London, New York, Hong Kong, and many other 10 countries around the world, since he was in his twenties.Permanent collection in facilities and museums of the United Nations, Nobeoka City, and many Asian companies He has exhibited his works in Japan Cultural Events and art festivals.
(22 May 2023)
[Fukuoka] "Awai" Kota NAKAMURA Exhibition May 27th (Sat) – June 11th (Sun), 2023

"Awai" Kota NAKAMURA
May 27th (Sat) – June 11th (Sun), 2023

10:00am-6:00pm (Open every day during the event)
The artist will be at the gallery on May 27th, 28th, and June 10th, 11th

Gallery talk event: May 27th (Sat) 15:00~

Awai – a Japanese term referring to an intermediate region: the fleeting time, the space between objects, a turning point. In Kota Nakamura’s world, things of the opposite nature coexist beyond its borders. For example, in a series of his work that use bullets as a medium, he expresses the beauty that can be born out of destruction. Other works of his include an installation that does not feel to the touch as it appears to the eye, and a sculpture embodying an object that he once saw in a dream. Good and evil, beautiful and ugly, the present and the afterlife. The artist dares to questions the ambiguity of visual perception, the unjust nature of the world we live in, and the importance of staying in the space somewhere in between. Perhaps this is a sense of beauty unique to a Japanese person that has lived in New York when the 9/11 terrorist attacks happened.
We are sure that this exhibition will be even more dynamic than the one that took place two and a half years ago.
Please look forward to it.
Kazunobu Abe, Mizoe Art Gallery

“Yume makura” Mixed media 23.6x17.3 x13.4in 2022

1975 Born in Kamakura city, Kanagawa prefecture, Japan.
1999 Graduated from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY. 
2003 Completed MFA at School of Visual Arts, New York, NY.
2010 Received Ph.D. from Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo.
2015 Selected as the finalist for the Taro Okamoto Award for Contemporary Art of Taro Okamoto Memorial Museum, Tokyo.
2017 Won the Bronze prize in Tokyo Art Olympia. Collection at Atami Yamaguchi Museum.
2018 Exhibited at the Asian Art Biennale, Bangladesh.
Many exhibitions held in New York and abroad, currently based in Tokyo.

(10 May 2023)
We will exhibit at KOBE ART MARCHÉ 2023
We will exhibit at KOBE ART MARCHÉ 2023

May 12th (Fri) - May 14th (Sun) 2023

5-6 Hatobachō, Chūō-ku, Kōbe-shi, Hyōgo-ken, 650-0042

◆Exhibit Room No. of Mizoe ART Gallery: Room No.1303

◆Admission Fee:1,000 yen (3-day pass)
※Free for elementary school students and younger

◆Artists exhibiting at MIZOE ART GALLERY

Nami SHIBATA《Person》Oil on canvas, 2023, 13.1×9.52 in.

Takashi YATOJI《Philippe》Oil on canvas, 2023, 17.97 ×14.96 in.

Chisato MATSUMOTO《Splash》Polyester, sewing cotton thread for knit 2023, H17.71×W17.71×D5.9 in.
(10 May 2023)
[Fukuoka] Golden Week Thanksgiving - On Sale - , April 29th (Sat) – May 14th (Sun), 2023

Marc CHAGALL, "The Angel of Judgment," Lithograph, ed. 152/200, 20.08 x 16.93 inches

Golden Week Thanksgiving - On Sale -
April 29th (Sat) – May 14th (Sun), 2023
10:00am-6:00pm (Open every day during the event)

A wide range of works, mainly prints and drawings, including contemporary, deceased, and foreign artists, will be sold at sale prices.

Exhibiting Artists
Hanjiro SAKAMOTO / Morikazu KUMAGAI / Ryuzaburo UMEHARA / Takeshi HAYASHI / Narashige KOIDE / Katsuzo SATOMI / Seiji TOGO / Hirosuke TASAKI / Setsuko MIGISHI / Shintaro SUZUKI / Yasuo KAZUKI / Genichiro INOKUMA / Takanori OGISU / Kazu WAKITA / Chozaburo INOUE / Ryonosuke FUKUI / Wasaburo ITOZONO / Ryusuke NISHIMURA / Yoshika FUJITA / Ryo HIRANO / Hiroki ODA / Chimei HAMADA / Kokuta SUDA / Zenzo SAKAMOTO / Kiyoshi HASEGAWA / Tetsuro KOMAI / Jiro TAKAMATSU / Hideo YOSHIHARA / Kumi SUGAI / Waichi TSUTAKA / Masuo IKEDA / Ay-O / Takashi MURAKAMI / Shoen UEMURA / Dogyu OKUMURA / Nanpu KATAYAMA / Kayo YAMAGUCHI / Shinsui ITO / Yuki OGURA / Kaii HIGASHIYAMA

Marc CHAGALL / Leonard FOUJITA / Georges ROUAULT / Andre BAUCHANT / Bernard BUFFET / Jean Pierre CASSIGNEUL / Andre BRASILIER / Paul AIZPIRI / Paul GUIRAMAND / Jean CARZOU / Antoni CLAVE, and others.

Pablo PICASSO, "156 Series No.107," Etching, ed. 27/50, 19.80 x 25.83 inches

Takashi MURAKAMI & Mark GROTJAHN, Offset Print with Foil Stamping, ed. 160/300, 27.44 x 22.13 inches (set of 2)

Ryuzaburo UMEHARA, "Still Life," Watercolor, 12.76 x 10.63 inches
(22 Apr 2023)
[Fukuoka] - ”The Art of Printmaking by Matazo Kayama” From the Collections of a Private Collecto, April 29th (Sat) – May 14th (Sun), 2023

《 Breeze 》Woodblock Print ed. 111/200 14.57 x 20.08 in.

”The Art of Printmaking by Matazo Kayama” From the Collections of a Private Collector
April 29th (Sat) – May 14th (Sun), 2023

10:00am-6:00pm (Open every day during the event)

Matazo Kayama, known as a "modern Rimpa," is known for his gorgeous and highly decorative works, depicted traditional Japanese painting with a modern sensibility. In addition, Matazo Kayama left many prints in his art career. It was not just a re-creation of the original, but a pursuit of printmaking as a form of artistic expression. With the cooperation of a collector, this exhibition focuses on the art of printmaking by Matazo Kayama, introducing about 20 representative works of animals, insects, and landscapes.
We sincerely look forward to your visit.
Kazunobu Abe, Mizoe Art Gallery

Matazo Kayama (1927-2004)
Born in Kyoto, Japan. Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Department of Japanese Painting in 1949. Studied under Kyujin Yamamoto. Continued to paint innovative Japanese paintings incorporating various techniques such as Western painting, Rimpa, and ink painting (Suiboku-ga).
Professor at Tama Art University and emeritus professor at Tokyo University of the Arts
Received the Japan Art Grand Prize in 1973, the Minister of Education's Art Encouragement Prize in 1980, the Person of Cultural Merit in 1997, and the Order of Cultural Merit in 2003.

《 Crow 》Mezzotint, Burin 14.57 x 20.08 in. ed. 17/35 1970
(18 Apr 2023)
[Tokyo] Mizoe Art Gallery 15th Anniversary "Masterpiece Collection Exhibition" April 29th (Sat) - May 21st (Sun), 2023

Pablo Picasso《 Fillette aux nattes et au chapeau vert》(The Girl with Plaits and a Green Hat)
Oil on Canvas 28.7x23.6 in  1956

Mizoe Art Gallery 15th Anniversary "Masterpiece Collection Exhibition"
April 29th (Sat) - May 21st (Sun), 2023

10:00am-6:00pm (Open every day during the event)

It has been 15 years since Mizoe Art Gallery first opened its door in Fukuoka.
We opened our Tokyo branch here in Denenchofu in 2012, and have since proactively participate in art fairs overseas to introduce excellent Japanese art to the world.
We would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest gratitude for your continued support throughout the years.
Since the opening of the gallery, our concept has been to “continue to inspire people throughout the ages, and provide high-quality art works that are not influenced by trends.” With this in mind, we proudly present a selection of masterpieces from our collection.
We will continue to seek for art works that will live on in the future, and do our best to deliver them to you.
We sincerely look forward to your visit.
Kazunobu Abe, Mizoe Art Gallery

Exhibiting Artists
Pablo Picasso/ Henri Matisse/ Marc Chagall/Odilon Redon/ André Derain/ Maurice Utrillo/ Leonard Foujita/ Vasily Kandinsky/Shigejiro Sakamoto/ Morikazu Kumagai/ Toshiyuki Hasegawa/ Ryuzaburo Umehara/ Kazumasa Nakagawa/ Zenzaburo Kojima/ Shiko Munakata/ Shoen Uemura/ Seiji Togo/ Setsuko Mikishi/ Yasuo Kozuki/ Kazaburo Itozono/ Ryonosuke Fukui/ Chuta Kimura/ Shinichi Saito/ Rey Camoy/ Genichiro Inokuma/ Eikyuu/ Kokuta Suda/ Zenzo Sakamoto/ Teppei Ujiyama/ Tomonori Toyofuku/ Gyoji Nomiyama and others

Odilon Redon《 Flowers in a Vase》
Oil on Canvas 21.8x15.2 in

Toshiyuki Hasegawa《 Cafe Paulista》
Oil on Canvas 16.1x23.8 in  1928
(17 Apr 2023)
[Tokyo] Takashi YATOJI Exhibition April 8th (Sat) - April 23rd (Sun), 2023

《 Patrick 》35.82x35.82 in Acrylic paint 2023

Takashi YATOUJI “Rumination, Thereafter”
April 8th (Sat) - April 23rd (Sun), 2023

10:00am-6:00pm (Open every day during the event)
The artist will be at the gallery on April 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th, 22nd, 23rd.

In this exhibition, Yatoji creates a world of his own by duplicating and transforming a motif with intention-meaning that the artist repeatedly depicts the same motifs but transforms each copy to prevent his work from being mundane, and in anticipation of the new possibilities that could be created. In addition, the artworks in this exhibition include unique motifs such as “images that were generated by AI that look like people" and "photos taken several years ago that I had forgotten about". This is the result of the artist feeling that his personal relationships with the motifs he has painted in the past, such as friends and neighborhood scenes, became a distraction. For this series, he began to choose more random and unrelated subjects, and only in the process of painting them would he start to nurture a relationship with them.
We will be exhibiting approximately 30 new works, including several large paintings that are size 100 or larger. Please come and see the new world of Takashi Yatoji.
Kazunobu Abe, Mizoe Art Gallery

Takashi YATOJI / Born in Aichi Prefecture, in 1990. Graduated Saga University Graduate School of Education, Department of Education with a major in Art Education in 2015. Received the Saga Prefecture Governor’s Prize at the 62nd Saga Prefecture Art Exhibition in 2012. Received Grand Prize at the 22nd Eiten for ‘Figures and Customs’, Grand Prize at the 63rd Saga Prefecture Art Exhibition, Saga Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association Prize, Honorable Mention at the 1st YWCA (Yamanashi Wine & Art Auction), Honorable Mention at the 22nd MCAGP (Mitsubishi Corporation Art Gate Program), and became a MCAGP scholarship student in 2013. Held a solo exhibition at Okawa city Seiriki Museum of Art in 2019.
(18 Mar 2023)
We will exhibit at ART BASEL Hong Kong 2023!

" I'm second to none " 2008 Oil on canvas 194.0 x 194.0cm
" Ambiguous Place " 2001 Oil on canvas 194.0 x 194.0cm

ART BASEL Hong Kong 2023

Opening Hours

Private View (by invitation only)
Tuesday, March 21, 12 noon to 8pm
Wednesday, March 22, 12 noon to 5pm
Thursday, March 23, 12 noon to 2pm
Friday, March 24, 12 noon to 2pm
Saturday, March 25, 11am to 12 noon

Wednesday, March 22, 5pm to 9pm

Show Hours
Thursday, March 23, 2pm to 8pm
Friday, March 24, 2pm to 8pm
Saturday, March 25, 12 noon to 6pm

Hong Kong
Convention & Exhibition Centre
1 Harbour Road
Wan Chai
Hong Kong, China

Ticket and other details


Exhibiting artist from MIZOE ART GALLERY

Scenery I may have seen
2021 Oil on canvas 130.3 x 162.0 cm

Gyoji NOMIYAMA 野見山暁治
We introduce Gyoji NOMIYAMA, who played a seminal role in the development of postwar Japanese art. He was born in Fukuoka in 1920, has been active in Western-style painting in Japan for far longer than almost anyone else. He turned 102 years old last December 2022.

After the war, NOMIYAMA went to Paris, at where he was strongly influenced by abstract art, but preserving the beauty of Japan and the identity of the Japanese which highly evaluated by enhancing its unique artistry. Returned to Japan continued to create new works and teaching younger generations. He has made great achievements in the apanese art world and his own path.

NOMIYAMA has always worked with figurative imagery, and in these paintings he has focused on primal forms and generated a new level of dynamism, making them quintessential examples of the art of Gyoji NOMIYAMA. The artist continues to work in his studio today, his creative spirit never flagging.

The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo
The National Museum of Art, Osaka
Fukuoka Prefectural Museum of Art
and more.

Gyoji NOMIYAMA age at 102

Artist Profile
1920 Born in Fukuoka lives and works in Tokyo and Fukuoka. Graduated from the Oil Painting department at Tokyo University of the Arts 1943. 1952-64 Stayed in France. The Yasui Prize 1958. 1968-81 Provided teaching at Tokyo University of the Arts. 1994 Fukuoka Prefecture Culture Awards. 1996 Mainichi Art Award. 2000 Person for Cultural Merits. 2014 The Order of Culture.
(22 Jan 2023)

[Fukuoka] Kikuma MOCHIZUKI Exhibition, March 25th (Sat) – April 9th (Sun), 2023

“Past thoughts and works, and future” Material: Brass, stainless steel 2023 Height 52.36 inch Diameter 40.55 inch × 2

March 25th (Sat) – April 9th (Sun), 2023

10:00am-6:00pm (Open every day during the event)
The artist will be at the gallery on March 25, 26, April 1, 2, 7, 8, and 9, each day in the afternoon

Kikuma Mochizuki has been at the forefront of metal sculpting for over half a century. He has created public works in more than 100 locations throughout Japan, and you have probably seen his works at least once. The work that launched his career and led him to pursue sculpture was his graduation work at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music: "META SHOCK," awarded the Salon du Printemps Prize in 1971. This exhibition will show the "Destruction Series" and the “BRASS RIPPING” series-which were born out of the destructive acts of smashing, twisting, and tearing metal-from a brand new perspective. In addition to the latest work from the "As I Wish" series, he will also present the "Past/Future" series, which includes large-scale works that encapsulate his past works and foreshadows his future. Please enjoy the past, present, and future of Kikuma Mochizuki, who continues to surprise us with exhibitions of a scale that far exceeds our expectations.
Kazunobu Abe, Mizoe Art Gallery

1945 Born in Fukuoka
1971 Masters degree course in art from Tokyo art university graduate school art graduate course completion production salon de Printemps prize
1975 "the 11th modern Japanese art exhibitions" fine work prize Tokyo Museum / Kyoto-shi art museum
1982 "the 14th Japan international art exhibitions" fine work Prize, Tokyo art museum / Kyoto-shi art museum
2002 "East Japan sculpture exhibitions" excellence Prize, Tokyo station gallery
2007 "the 22nd present age Japan sculpture exhibitions" Yamaguchi Prefectural art museum Prize

《 Main collections 》
Queensland Art Gallery, Australia
Iwaki City Art Museum, Hakatanomori Athletics Stadium, and more than 130 other locations in Japan

“Scar” Material: Brass 31.5 x 22.8 x 11in

“BRASS RIPPING” Material: Brass 1982
(18 Feb 2023)
[Fukuoka] Masahito Katayama Exhibition " Shape of Life " February 11th (Sat) – February 26th (Sun), 2023

Masahito Katayama Exhibition " Shape of Life "
February 11th (Sat) – February 26th (Sun), 2023

10:00am – 6:00pm (Open every day during the event)

"Butterflies / In the Garden of Light - Memento Mori" mixed-media 2022

Throughout his career, Masahito Katayama has continued to seek new ways of expression and his works have evolved greatly as a result. “Botanical Figuration” “Wind” “Membrane” “HANA” “Spiral” “Memento Mori”-
What is consistent between these themes is the feeling of being connected to something that is invisible yet absolute, a sensation that goes beyond the five senses and stimulates even the sixth sense.
The artist moved to Fukuoka 23 years ago and began painting mainly in yellow for his Membrane series, which was a large shift from his previously monochromatic works. Yellow is the color of the light that falls on life, and the color of pollen. In one of the works from the series, a spiral pattern in the center of a sunflower is portrayed in yellow, as if to celebrate all life in the natural world. In the HANA series, delicate and graceful forms are depicted to show the radiance of life, as well as the fragility of it all. Finally, the Memento Mori series depicts countless butterflies fluttering in the air, in a space somewhere in between life and death.
In this exhibition, you will be able to see Katayama’s newest works as well as his previous works. We are awaiting your visit to our gallery.
Kazunobu Abe, Mizoe Art Gallery

1984 Graduated from Graduate school of Kyoto Municipal University of Arts
1988-89 Stayed in the USA, invited by the Asian Cultural Council
1995-96 Stayed in the UK as a trainee of Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists
2004 "Artist in Fukuoka vol.5 KATAYAMA Masahito: Membrane 2004 -Into the Forest of Perception" (Fukuoka Art Museum)
2007 Exhibited at the 3rd Chengdu Biennale
2021 Stepped down from the Associate Professor position at Kyushu University, Graduate School of Art Engineering

Permanent collection at Hara Museum ARC, Fukuoka Art Museum, Indianapolis Museum of Art, etc.
(22 Jan 2023)

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