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[Fukuoka] Rey CAMOY Exhibition, January 18th (Sat) – February 2nd (Sun), 2020

The 35th Anniversary of the Death
Rey CAMOY Exhibition

January 18th (Sat) – February 2nd (Sun), 2020
10am – 6pm *Open every day during the exhibition.

Rey Camoy who ended his life at the age of 57 thirty five years ago. He faced themes that are universal among people including life and death, getting old, loneliness, and love. The pieces of his artworks the style of which seems to gouge out inside of objects still do not stop attracting many people across generations.
What did the painter look at and wanted to tell us who flamboyantly run through his life while struggling between despair and hope?
We hope this exhibition consisting of 15 works becomes an opportunity to face Rey Camoy, the lone painter again.
We are waiting for your visits to our gallery.

Rey CAMOY: Born in Kanazawa, Ishikawa in 1928. (Legally domiciled in Nagasaki.) Graduated from Kanazawa College of Art. Merit Award in the Showakai Exhibition. Minister of Education Award in the Niki Exhibition. The 12th Yasui Award. A member of Nikikai. Solo Exhibition in the United States. Died in Kobe in 1985.

(21 Dec 2019)

[Tokyo] Kikuma MOCHIZUKI Exhibition, January 11th (Sat) – 26th (Sun), 2020

Kikuma MOCHIZUKI Exhibition - Past and Present -
January 11th (Sat) – 26th (Sun), 2020

10:00am – 6:00pm (Open every day during the event)

The first special exhibition of 2020 is a solo exhibition of Kikuma Mochizuki who is known for sculptures using metal. Kikuma Mochizuki has created a number of symbolic series such as "Destruction Series", "Awakening Device Series", and “Metal Drawing" besides over 130 works of public art. The new work “Shine, Link” brings the futuristic scene into the garden of MIZOE ART GALLERY TOKYO with a theme of a shining future that is born and rise from wild earth. You can see the path of the sculptor, Kikuma Mochizuki from his past artworks to unseen works and new ones including an unpublished artwork "Shine ⋅ Peak" created by an orthodox method, the small remake of “Destruction series" with austere and simple expression that was a starting point as a sculptor, and "Tamori Cup" trophy which has got public attention. We are sincerely waiting for your visits to our gallery. (Kazunori Abe, MIZOE ART GALLERY)

1945 Born in Fukuoka /'71 Masters degree course in art from Tokyo art university graduate school art graduate course completion production salon de Printemps prize /'75 "the 11th modern Japanese art exhibitions" fine work prize Tokyo Museum / Kyoto-shi art museum
/'82 "the 14th Japan international art exhibitions" fine work Prize, Tokyo art museum / Kyoto-shi art museum
/2002 "East Japan sculpture exhibitions" excellence Prize, Tokyo station gallery
/'07 "the 22nd present age Japan sculpture exhibitions" Yamaguchi Prefectural art museum Prize
(14 Dec 2019)
We will participate in Fukuoka Christmas market at Hakata Station Square, November 29th (Fri) – December 8th (Sun), 2019

We will participate in Fukuoka Christmas market at Hakata Station Square
November 29th (Fri) – December 8th (Sun), 2019

Mizoe Art Gallery will exhibit at “Christmas Market in Hikari no Machi Hakata” that is becoming a part of the wintry scene of Fukuoka. With the theme of " Together with This City Forever ", this event is held to wish for the happiness of as many visitors as possible when they go home. To offer suitable artworks for heartwarming Christmas gifts, we will display specially selected paintings at a hut. Please drop by the Christmas Market at Hahata Station Square when you go to Hakata Station during the event. There will also be hot wine and shops at other stores nearby.
We are sincerely waiting for your visits at the lively venue.
Open time:
Week days 16:45-23:00 / Sun 12:00-23:00
Fri 16:45-23:30 / Sat 12:00-23:30

Hakata Station Square

Exhibiting Artists:
Gyouji NOMIYAMA,Seikou KAWACHI,Kikuma MOCHIZUKI,Fumihiro OGA, Nami SHIBATA, and more

Official website:

(16 Nov 2019)
[Fukuoka]―Sunrises Again― Keisei KOBAYASHI Exhibition ―1978~2018― November 2nd (Sat) – 17th (Sun), 2019

Transferred soul―Gunbu 94・10A―
Catalogue Raisonné no:202-2

―Sunrises Again― Keisei KOBAYASHI Exhibition ―1978~2018―

November 2nd (Sat) – 17th (Sun), 2019
10am – 6pm *Open every day during the exhibition.

▼Opening reception
November 2 [Sat] 5pm start

If it is the first time you see the artworks of Keisei Kobayashi, you may be surprised to know they were created by wood print. The extremely minute depiction goes beyond the general idea of a wood print.
〈Wood Engraving〉The technique invented in the late 18th century which cut tough wood in round slices (cross-section) and curve it by a burin and a chisel to make further elaborate and exquisite expressions. Although I understand the explanation in my head, the artwork in front of my eyes does not stop surprising and making me stare in every corner of the world that is both decadent and paradisiacal.
Betraying the common knowledge that wood engraving is confined within small size, his artworks reach the maximum of 3M which was enabled by trial and error to enlarge the technique succeeded since the 1700s.

This exhibition will display self-selected artworks looking back at his art practices. The display configuration including large artworks will be worth seeing. It is great pleasure that we can hold a display to show the whole picture of Keisei Kobayashi's artworks in here at Fukuoka. You will not regret coming.

Keisei KOBAYASHI/Born in Shimane Prefecture in 1944, lives in Tokyo. A professor emeritus at Tama Art University. Purchased by the Agency for Cultural Affairs as an excellent artwork (Time for Ressurection S62・8-). Bronze award at Beijing International Print Biennial. The Yamaguchi Gen Grand Prize. "Leonardo Sciascia, amateur d’estampes” Prize. The Medal with Purple Ribbon from the Japanese Government.
Many of his artworks are collected by institutions including the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo and International Centre of Graphic Arts at Ljubljana.
(24 Oct 2019)
We will Participate ART TAIPEI 2019

▍SVIP Preview
2019/10/17 12:00-15:00

▍VIP Preview
2019/10/17 15:00-21:00
2019/10/18 11:00-14:00

▍Public opening
2019/10/18 14:00-19:00
2019/10/19-20 11:00-19:00
2019/10/21 11:00-18:00

Taipei World Trade Center Hall One
(No.5, Section 5, Xinyi Road)

Booth No.G08

Mizoe Art Gallery is going to exhibit in ART TAIPEI 2019 which marks the 26th anniversary.
As we did in the previous year, we introduce two artists who express aesthetic sense peculiar to Japan in this fourth participation.
The first one is Tamie OKUYAMA, a female artist working with majestic concept involving diverse energy which gained attention in the lecture in the salon last year.The second one is Kenpei YUNDE who paint with his unique technique digging into the
culture taking root in Asia.

Moreover, we also display sculptures by Tomonori TOYOFUKU. He has worked in his atelier in Milan for over 40 years since 1960 and he is still highly recognized internationally.

As a special exhibition, We will present our collections of masterpieces by the great masters of Western art, such as Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Marc Chagall.
We will also exhibit an oil painting by Toho SHIOTSUKI, who is a Japanese painter yet dedicated to the development of the Taiwanese Art Society in Taiwan during the period of Japanese rule.

We are waiting for your visits at the booth # G08.
(07 Oct 2019)

[Tokyo] Autumn Masterpieces Exhibition "Masters of Modern Art - From Monet to Chagall -" , October 12th (Sat) – November 10th (Sun), 2019

"Vue du village de Giverny" Claude Monet, 23.62 x 39.37in, Oil on canvas,1890

Autumn Masterpieces Exhibition
Masters of Modern Art
- From Monet to Chagall -

October 12th (Sat) – November 10th (Sun), 2019
10:00am – 6:00pm (Open every day during the event)

We are obliged to you for your continuous support.
This time, we hold Autumn Masterpieces Exhibition "Masters of Modern Art - from Monet to Chagall - " at Mizoe Art Gallery in Tokyo.
Monet moved to Giverny at the age of 43 in 1883. After that, he kept on painting the landscape of Giverny for more than 40 years until he passed away.
As special displays, we exhibit "Vue du village de Giverny" painted in 1886 and "Prairie, ciel nuageux" made in 1890, the painting displayed for the first time in Japan.
"Scène bibliqu" by Chagall is a large artwork painted in 1980 when he was 93 while he passed away at the age of 98 in 1985.
Entitling "from Monet to Chagall", we introduce a number of masterpieces created in approximately 100 years.
We are sincerely waiting for your visits.

"Scène bibliqu" Marc Chagall, 109.9 x 49.25in,Oil on canvas,1980
"Buste de Diego" Alberto GIACOMETTI, Bronze, H14.25in, Numbered 4/6, Conceived,1956(cast in 1957)
(30 Sep 2019)

September 27(Fri.)-September 29(Sun.),2019

Official website: http://www.art-marche.jp

Kenpei YUNDE believes that all the motifs are present on the "soil". He has been repeatedly putting and shaving oil on canvas to make matières over a year.We feel the deep beauty from the simple motif on the thick matières of his painting. In contrast, all his drawings express his respiration and realistic feelings with the improvisational sense of speed.
Please enjoy KOBE ART MARCHÉ 2018 to meet brilliant works.
Fee: 1,000 yen (Multi-Day Passport)
* If there is a purchase of merchandise over 5000 yen at the event; there will be a 1000 yen deduction available.
(24 Sep 2019)
[Fukuoka] Fumihiro OGA Exhibition, October 12th (Sat) – 27th (Sun), 2019

Fumihiro OGA Exhibition
October 12th (Sat) – 27th (Sun), 2019

10:00am – 6:00pm (Open every day during the event)

The artist will be present 12,13,14, October in the gallery.

▼Opening party
October 12th (Sat) 16:00 start
Please enjoy the chat with the artist.
He will also read aloud his original poem with music.

It has been almost ten years since I saw the artworks by Oga last introduced by a gallery. I was strongly fascinated and after that, I saw his artworks at many places I visited and became acquainted with the artist himself. It may have meant to happen, and the timing is now. We agreed to hold his first solo exhibition at Mizoe Art Gallery.

His imagined landscape appears like the world of a fairy tale at a glance although the sorrow of human being and melancholic elements are hidden. The sophisticated colors are created by adding lots of layers of paint like textiles. You will be immersed in the world of artworks full of poetical sentiment created by Fumihiro Oga.

Fumihiro OGA / 1971 Born in Matsuyama-shi, Ehime Prefecture. Majored picture book writer course at Osaka Sogo College of Design. A number of solo and group exhibitions inside and outside Japan. Won the grand prize at Message from the Young Painters Show. The Hakone Open-air Museum prize at Painting Japanese Nature Exhibition. Many illustrations for cover pages including "the Disease of Soseki Natsume and 'Ten Nights Dreaming" by Norihiko Miyoshi, "Thinking of Modern Folk Tales" by Miyoko Matsutani. Appeared on the TV programme by BS Fuji “Night Before The Break ~ Next Generation Artists ~” on 12 January 2018. Published the poetry and art book "the Pocketbook of a Night Bird" ( 9 April 2016, planning and publishing department of Gallery Echo-ann).
(21 Sep 2019)
[Tokyo]Masahito Katayama Exhibition "Membrane/ the Heavenly Flowers" September 21th (Sat) – October 6th (Sun), 2019


Masahito Katayama Exhibition "Membrane/ the Heavenly Flowers"
September 21th (Sat) – October 6th (Sun), 2019

10:00am – 6:00pm (Open every day during the event)

The artworks by Masahito Katayama evoke feeling that not only visual information but also the sixth sense is stimulated beyond the five senses. The painted image can be recognized either as figurative or abstract. . In addition to such
works, there are also a series of flowers inspired by a painting on the ceiling of a temple. The exhibition space surrounded by the artworks makes me feel as if I came down on the heavenly paradise. From "botanical figuration" to "wind", "membrane", and "spiral", his style has transformed with the constant pursuit of new expression.
Please look forward to the new world he shows in this exhibition.

Masahito KATAYAMA / 1984 Graduated from Graduate school of Kyoto Municipal University of Arts/ '88 Stayed in U.S.A invited by Asian Cultural Council (~'89) /‘95 Stayed in U.K. as a trainee of Japanese Government Overseas Study Program for Artists (~'96)/ 2004 "Artist in Fukuoka vol.5 KATAYAMA Masahito: Membrane 2004 –Into the Forest of Perception" (Fukuoka Art Museum) / '07 Exhibited at The 3rd Changdu

(16 Sep 2019)
[Fukuoka] Takahide KOMATSU Exhibition -SATOYAMA- September 14th(Sat) – 29 (Sun), 2019

Takahide KOMATSU Exhibition -SATOYAMA-
September 14th (Sat) – 29th (Sun), 2019

Takahide KOMATSU expand the area of his activity from Miyazaki to the world mainly in Asia. His work is famous for elegant world in which butterflies are hovering that evokes Rinpa school painting. However, what KOMATSU shows in this exhibition is abstract artworks that is challenge for the artist. When you face his paintings well, you will find the nature of Miyazaki and the landscape of countryside are expressed in them that KOMATSU has been dealt with as his theme. You will enjoy seeing them.

Takahide KOMATSU/ Born in 1979. Born and living in Miyazaki Prefecture. Graduated from Artist Course in Kyushu Designer Gakuin College. Permanent collection in The Anniversary Museum of The United Nations, COP10. In 2016, he was selected as "Takumi" representing Miyazaki at LEXUS NEW TAKUMI PROJECT. His works have been exhibited a lot in art fairs and solo exhibitions both inside and outside Japan. He puts "From Kyushu to the World" into practice with a theme of biological diversity.
General Producer of National Cultural Festival ・Arts Festival Miyazaki Nichinan City 2020, the sightseeing ambassador of Nobeoka City.

(26 Aug 2019)

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