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Work code : 10067


「The irland morninng "A"」

61.5 × 41 cm.
24.21 × 16.14 in.

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1908 Born in Tokyo, Japan.
1930 Graduated from Berlin National School of Fine Arts.
1933 Received Kofukai Award in the 20th Kofukai Exhibition.
1936 Formed Shinseisaku-ha Kyokai with Genichiro Inokuma, Ryouhei Koiso
and more.
1943 Worked at Manila Army News Service in the Philippines. Returned to
Japan for inland communication in 1944.
1945 The studio was destroyed by war. Lost most of his pre-war works.
1955 Received Grand Prix for Arasoi (Strife) in the 3rd Japan International Art
1956 Exhibited in the Venice Biennale.
Became faculty at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.
1962 Traveled India, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United States with
his son.
1964 Became an assistant professor at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts
and Music. Became a professor in 1968.
1970 The studio cottage in Karuizawa designed by Junzo Yoshimura was
Retired from Tokyo University of the Arts.
1973 Remodeled the studio in Setagaya.
1986 Exhibition of Kazu Wakita (Museum of Modern Art, Kamakura &
Hayama and Museum of Modern Art, Gunma)
1991 Opened Wakita Museum in Karuizawa. Received the 4th Grade Asahi
Small Medal.
1998 Received Culture Order Award.
1999 Became an emeritus professor of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts
and Music.
2002 Exhibition of Kazu Wakita (Setagaya Art Museum)
2003 Exhibition of Kazu Wakita (Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Art)
2005 Passed away on November 27.

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